Cooler Master Summer Summit: 11 desktop PC parts !

Earlier today we had the Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 and they shared a bunch of new stuff to us, ranging from new computer hardware all the way to peripherals, so no mater which part of your setup you’re looking to change or upgrade, Cooler Master unveiled something new for you. So let’s start with CM’s bread and butter: computer hardware

  1. ARGB Tube Sleeve A1

Yeah.. wow I did not know I need this in my life. It’s a soft rubber tube that comes in 10 and 12mm sizes to fit most water cooling loops, with 30 LEDS inside that is compatible with major ARGB softwares from ASUS, ASrock and MSI motherboards.

2. PCI-E 4.0 x16 Riser cable

PCI-E 4.0 has been out for a hot minute now for next-gen hardware and it’s time we got some x16 bus speed riser cables for them to be futureproof so CM got our backs on that

3. Vertical GPU Holder Kit V2 (PCI-E 4.0)

It’s the vertical GPU kit we all know and love, just with the latest PCI-E Gen 4 riser cable for your next-gen hardware

4. MF120 Mobius case fan

Just another ARGB case fan

5. HAF 500

The HAF name really carries nostalgic feeling as it’s been around the block for more than a decade, and we’re more than happy to see Cooler Master giving it a standard 2021 refresh in black & white color options as well as RGB fans.

6. Masterbox 500

A new kid on the block, this is a mid-tower casing looking to offer a more performance-minded experience with tool-less design and support for the longest GPUs and tallest heat sinks. (with RGB, of course)

7. NR200P Color

Personally, this is one of my favorite items to come out this time around. The ITX champion of a case we all know and love just got updated with 4 captivating and tasteful color variants. Makes me want to join the ITX gang too, and if I do i’m for sure going with the NR200P. It’s still does up to 7 fans and now comes in Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange and Nightshade Purple.

8. NR200P MAX

Building an ITX is never easy (especially when you have stubby fingers like me), so what CM did here is use their thermal, power delivery and mechanical design expertise to create a pre-configured setup in a NR200P, featuring a custom 280mm radiator and 850w PSU for you to build upon your tiny but mighty battle machine.

9. TD300 Mesh

If you’re a fan of polygonal mesh designs, this case was designed for you. It’s got a diamond cut facade front panel that uses CM’s FineMesh technology for a high-airflow design with dust filtration and plenty of building possibilities.

10. Hyper H6 ARGB

Air Coolers got a refresh too (team air cooling let’s goooooooooo). This is the budget and space oriented single tower heatsink option, with 6 copper heat pipes that are exposed at the base. Externally it has a single ARGB fan and a gunmetal brushed aluminum top cover for style points.

11. Hyper H6DT ARGB

Who let the H6’s big brother play? He’s gonna bully us with his massive ever tried and tested dual fin tower design. It’s everything the H6 is but in dual tower form, down to the 6 exposed copper heat pipes at the bottom.


So that’s everything in terms of desktop PC hardware that we have to share, here’s the juice part where I tell you the price that you have to hide from your parents/partner hehe.

LED Tube Sleeve A1 - RM249
PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable - RM249
PCI-E 4.0 Vertical GPU Holder Kit V2 - TBA
MF120 Mobius - RM149
HAF 500 - RM499
MasterBox 500 - RM349
NR200P Color - RM439
NR200P MAX - RM1499
TD300 Mesh - RM299
Hyper H6 ARGB - RM249
Hyper H6 DT ARGB - RM279

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