Dominic Lee – Bespoke Keyboard Builder.

Do you realize just how much time you spend using your keyboard? Why not invest in it for a better experience.

Almost 100 builds done to date and easily one of the top builders around.

As seen in The Star Newspaper.

Keyboard Building & Consultation

If you’re familiar with custom keyboards and understand how meticulous and time-consuming it is, we can skip the foreplay. You can send me the parts and I can assemble them for you and take baby photos of it.

Otherwise, let’s have a chat. Let’s figure this out together. We’ll work on your budget and from there customize it according to a look, feel, sound, and typing experience that you’ll love.

I am based in Kota Damansara, Malaysia but I deal with postage all the time, local and international.


Building and consultation fee // rm100
Building only is RM 50 for 65% and below
65% or larger is RM80

*wait times are typically 2-4 weeks but you can pay a rush order fee of rm100 to get it within 1 week

Switch lubing and the rest

Switch lubing RM 1 each
Stabilizers // RM 3 each stabilizer

EVA Case foam custom cut // RM 5
Soldering or Desoldering // RM 1 per switch, 1.50 if both

Switch filming is free, you just have to provide the films.

*all PCBs will be tested before and after soldering if anything goes wrong beyond that I am not responsible (however most of the time I can successfully repair it through bridging)

Customer Feedback

Why pick me to build?

Each build comes with a photoshoot at the very least and you can watch it being built on my Twitch stream.

I am one of the most experienced builders in Malaysia. Ask around for my name, they will know me, and you can bet on that.

After-sales service

After building your art piece, I will be there to assess and assist you if something goes wrong with the keyboard.

Contact me for commissions through Google Forms 🙂