Dominic Lee – Bespoke Keyboard Builder.

Clack. Clack. Clack.

That’s the sound of pen & paper getting obsolete.

Keyboards are everywhere, at every mall, at every website, at every store. But if it’s something you use so much, why not make it look, sound and feel better?
If you’re going to build a legacy, it’s going to start with building the tools that best suits you. Dominic Lee is here to tailor a keyboard for you that represents your image; a visionary, a doer, a revolutionist.

Welcome to Custom. Bespoke. Keyboards.

Keyboard Building & Consultation

If you’re familiar with custom keyboards and understand how meticulous and time consuming it is, we can skip the foreplay. You can send me the parts and I can assemble them for you and take baby photos of it.

Otherwise, let’s have a chat. Let’s figure this out together. We’ll work on your budget (typically 1000 upwards but can go alot lower if you want something basic), and from there customize it according to a look, feel, sound and typing experience that you’ll love.

I am based in Kota Damansara, Malaysia but I deal with postage all the time, local and international.


Building and consultation fee // rm100

Lubing and film rates (I can price match upon request)

65% and below // rm1.20 per switch
TKL and larger // rm0.80
Stabilizers // rm5 each stabilizer

case foam & stabilizer holee mod etc. //rm2 each
Desoldering //rm1

Soldering // rm1 (1.50 if you desolder and solder)
Switch filming // free, you just have to provide the films

*all PCBs will be tested before and after soldering if anything goes wrong beyond that I am not responsible (however most of the time I can successfully repair it through bridging)

Customer Feedback

Why pick me to build?

Each build comes with a product photoshoot, live building stream or build video*, just for you to flex on your social media. Or you can print out the photo and hang it like art. (full-resolution image provided upon request)

After-sales service

After building your art piece, I will be there to assess and assist you if something goes wrong with the keyboard.

Contact me for commissions through Google Forms 🙂