Fortune Favors The Bold.

ZenTheGeek is multifaceted website that curates and creates the best in Tech, Societies and Life content.


Comprised of vicious, “independent-thinking” creators and anarchists, ZenTheGeek continues to progressively adapt to competitive environments, making strategic plays and solidifying partnerships. These are the individuals involved in the process of the Content Creation Revolution.

Absolutely Egotistical Picture

Joshua (The Sultan) Zen

Always making the bolder, wilder choices, Zen is always on the move, chasing the next big thing for the platform and the team. Has an unbreakable love for reading, the Arts and Arab food.

King (The Man) Ji

Ji’s the man. The man that gets the job done (Job desc: Putting out Zen’s fires from his “Bold” ideas). An accomplished filmmaker with a flair for web development and coffee-pouring. Utterly devoted to Sleep as a religion.

Not ready for the shot but a total poser


Sometimes they’re here, sometimes they’re not.

Ronin serve only themselves (and us on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Thinking about his next keyboard

DomiKeys Lee

Dominic’s the tale of two extremes. He could be looking for the most expensive toys and gear , or dumpster dive for actual deals on Carousell. With extreme patience and passion, he’s able to take apart and create keyboards with ease, along with an unending opinion on them. 

His deadpan sense of humor makes his work both a joy and an aneurysm for us all.


They’re a bunch of crazies. They have span across countless disciplines, be it entertainment or simply calling you out on your nonsense. They live to do great.

King Angel

Angel’s as radical as they come. A perfect mix of talent and absolute chaos, her quick wit and style can easily strike the attention of everyone. A highly qualified cosplayer and hostess that can turn any quiet place into a riot.

No one knows her real hair color.