New gaming chairs, monitors and desks from Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 !

Other than desktop parts and peripherals, there’s new stuff in the furniture and monitor department too!

1. Motion 1 chair

Right off the bat we have something that’s outlandish yet interesting again, this here is the Motion 1 gaming chair from CM in collaboration with D-BOX. You may have heard of D-BOX from a cinema ad or the theme park where they make chairs with haptic feedback for a better sense of realism. The Motion 1 uses the world’s first haptic engine that is designed to fit a gaming and productivity chair, providing you 4D Cinema and Immersive gameplay at your own room with support from a movie library. It sports a Hammerhead design with the usual neck, lumbar and armrest adjustments you can expect from a high end gaming chair.

2. Hybrid 1 chair

The Hybrid 1 is a chair designed to bridge gamers and content-creators together because we both sit on our chairs for super long hours on end. It’s got the usual head rest, arm rest and lumbar adjustment support with MuscleFlex® mesh stretched across the high-density cold-molded foam, promising a comfortable, ergonomic and cooling experience throughout our long hours of sitting.

3. Caliber Series

Back to mortal land (where chairs we can relatively afford) we go. The Caliber X1C and R2C. This ditches the common PU leather material and goes for a fabric finish which is far more durable and now cooling too! CM says the Caliber series uses a Cool-In fabric which according to them feels 1-2 degrees cooler than other fabric chairs and it passes a durability test so it doesn’t pile or tear easily all while being formaldehyde free. It checks the adjustment boxes with an adjustable lumbar pillow and arm rest.

4. CD160 ARGB Gaming Desk

The industry is not sold on gaming desks…. YET. This is one of the first gaming desks I have seen that is based on a high-end motorized height adjustable desk. Finally, a gaming desk that is ergonomic. It comes in 120cm and 160cm length variants, both with build in ARGB strips front & back with a cable management tray. This is genuinely cool as gamers and content creators now finally have a ergonomic option where they can work & play all day in style.

5. GM Series Gaming Monitors

Continuing from the theme of bridging gamers and content creators, the new GM line up of monitors deliver high refresh rates of up to 240Hz while being capable of 90% DCI-P3 color gamut in VA and IPS panel flavors. I am in pain, because I am a gamer and a content creator at the same time.


Time for the juicy part again

Motion 1 - RM8999
Hybrid 1 - RM2299
Caliber X1C - RM1599
Caliber R2C - RM1299
The fancy gaming table - N/A
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