ViewQwest Introduces 100Mbps Plan using National HSBB Network

ViewQwest, Singapore’s fastest internet provided had recently unveiled an All-New 100Mbps Internet Plan that uses Malaysia’s National HSBB network. In terms of coverage, the company plans to roll out in stages, starting off with the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru. Plans to cover other cities and states are estimated to be around the remaining of 2019 till 2020. 

New plan, who dis? 

The new plan is called the ViewQwest Freedom 100, a 100Mbps internet plan featuring a free Static IP address and a exclusive ViewQuest-only configuration services such as latency based routing. One cool thing to find out is that ViewQwest has no plans to implement a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) onto its end users, as they feel that there is no need to shape the networks, cap the bandwidth or impose strict data traffic management policies. 

From our perspective, a combination of lax usage policies and operatijng on the national network is a step forward, directly being able to improve the typical Malaysian’s internet experience such as stable and consistent network performance on bandwidth reliant activities such as streaming HD media, live video game sessions and downloading large files. 

From the Group CEO

“At ViewQwest, we are firm in our belief that reliable, truly unlimited, high-quality high-speed
broadband should be a basic expectation for consumers. We talk about how fast the world of
technology can move, so it should also be reasonable for broadband providers to discard the old and
slow way of doing things. Our potential shouldn’t be throttled by the bottleneck of slow broadband
speeds and usage limits. 

As providers, we should be exploring how much more we can offer to improve customer experiences.

As such, we have set aside the marketplace norms of Fair Usage
Policy and bandwidth management controls. Instead, we see better value in further investment into
next-gen broadband systems and capabilities that will optimise our network’s performance and
ensure Malaysians can truly experience our #BetterBroadband promise,” Mr Vignesa Moorthy, CEO and Founder

Progressive Wi-Fi coverage based on living space size

ViewQwest offers what they call a ‘Progressive Wi-Fi coverage experience’, where the provided network hardware is determined by your living space. 

For homes smaller than 1000 square-feet,  the package provides a powerful ASUS RT AC1200G+ router, capable seamlessly streaming heavy-content like 4K videos. 

The higher package would be for those looking for true seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and strong signal strength house-wide. It comes with an ASUS Lyra Trio Dual-Band Mesh. The mesh is able to ensure that your home will not have any zones where it is weak or underperforming. 

Price and Promotion

Currently, you can obtain the Freedom 100 plan with the ASUS RT-AC1200G+ for a monthly subscription fee of RM123 for 24-months and RM118 for 36-months.

Those hunting down the
ASUS Lyra Trio Dual-Band Mesh bundle will be paying
RM140 (24-months) or RM137 (36-months).

The introductory offer is that all plans will come with three months of free usage, which will begin after the subscription period. 

If you’re looking for more info or wish to sign-up, you can head to ViewQwest for more information.

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