Samsung Galaxy Note20 Officially Launches in Malaysia

Today, marks Samsung’s official launch of their latest addition to the Note Family, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series. The launch took place at Sentul Depot earlier today, with the same tasteful décor and ambiance we’ve come to expect from a Samsung event over the years. 

“The Galaxy Note20 finally becoming official in Malaysia is an especially memorable event for all of us at Samsung. Every detail of the Galaxy Note20 was meticulously thought through, all with the aim to allow people to bring every crucial part of their lives, be it work or play, onto one single device. So, with all that’s happening this year in 2020 ad us adapting to a new normal, we are absolutely thrilled to release the Note20 to Malaysians to redefine the meaning and purpose of the smartphone in this day and age” – Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics. 

What’s Changing with Galaxy Note20?

The SPen and Notes

The Galaxy Note series has always been about the SPen, and how it has been constantly modernized to handle the updating needs of the smartphone end user today. Now, the SPen has been further improved in terms of the feel of drawing and synchronicity between PC and device. The Notes app has been enhanced to automatically sync your notes to your Galaxy tablet and PC, with the added bridge being the Link to Windows Feature, allowing you to answer texts, calls, receive phone app notifications, and even running some of them from your Window’s home screen. 

Mobile Entertainment

As most of us are able to fully consume our media on our smart devices these days, the Galaxy Note20 is no slouch when it comes to that as well. Fit with the same processor as the S20 Ultra, the 120Hz display not only makes writing a lot snappier, but the effect it has on our daily use makes all the difference. Whether you’re gaming or just using it for work, the Note20 has a lot of potential to quicken your mobile workflow an communications thanks to these quality of life changes. If you’re a big picture kinda person, Wireless DeX is on-board to let you connect to a compatible Smart TV to view and do everything on a bigger screen without a physical wired connection.

Photography, Video and 5G

It feels like the S20 Ultra with an SPen, and that could be true up to a degree, and this addition aims to push the standards as high as they can, and that’s how it should be with every new release. 

Sooner or later, 8K will become the new normal, and mobile photography continues to break the mould in terms of closing the gap between camera and smartphone. 

5G is on the brink of entering every Malaysian device, and both S20 Ultra and Note20 (5G and Ultra) are able to facilitate that transition. The true outcome of this is just faster download/upload speeds, game latency and video streaming efficiency. 

Ecosytem Connectivity

The gap draws closer here as the Samsung Galaxy family of hardware gets more additions that’s not just their smartphones. With the new Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Tab S7 series coming into the fold (yes there’s a new Fold2 is coming out too), we’re going to see all our data and notifications being synced all across the board, bringing the future of convenience to information a lot faster and end users being more inclined to going full-brand on their every day tech. 

Launch Bonuses Continue

From August 21st till October 31st, customers who purchase the any Note20 variant will get a free UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charging and a Wireless Charger Convertible (worth RM 508). You can apply for this deal at Samsung Experience Stores Nationwide or the Samsung e-store online if you don’t feel like going out.

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