Samsung’s Greatest Visual Tech Comes To Malaysia ; The Wall-in-One and the Odyssey Ark

When it comes to delivering incomparable viewing experiences, be it for work or for play, Samsung Electronics always delivers – showcasing all these and more at its launch today of both The Wall All-In-One and Odyssey Ark.

“Here at Samsung, we always strive to push the boundaries of display technologies to a whole new frontier where our physical, digital and virtual realities collide. With the boundaries between the visual and the physical world blurring, customers have come to expect and demand visual experiences that are as true to life as possible – detail so fine that you can almost reach out to touch it. This is why we are so excited to finally bring to Malaysian consumers both The Wall All-In-One and Odyssey Ark; both of which are designed to give your senses experiences you literally have to see to believe.”
Tok Sang Man, Head of Consumer Electronics Business of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

The Wall All-in-One

Samsung’s latest entry to its The Wall series was first created as the ultimate screen for professional purposes. As a breakthrough in display solutions, The Wall has been used by companies such as international award winning media production house CJ ENM, who built the world’s largest virtual studio capable of supporting multiple projects ranging from movies and dramas to entertainment and music. The All-in-One model brings all of that visual power into your house – similar to setting up any consumer TV.

All models in The Wall line up feature Black Seal technology, enabling purer black levels with enhanced depth and details; Ultra Chroma technology, where narrower wavelengths produce RGB colors two times purer and more accurate than conventional LEDs; 20bit processing to present extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth, natural tonal gradients; and Micro AI Processor to enhance image contrast while removing noise instantly.

Simply put, The Wall All-in-One transforms any wall into a portal to a wide array of worlds. Bring the excitement of a football final right into your living home, showcase your brand values with pride in your office lobby, transport your customers to a safe space at your spa – the sky is the limit to visual wonders you can experience with The Wall All-in-One.

The Wall All-in-One has a display thinness of just 49mm and is available in three models: 110-inch 2K, 146-inch 2K and 146-inch 4K.

ModelModel CodeRecommended Retail Price (RRP)
110-inch 2KLH012IABMHS/XSRM495,543.00
146-inch 2KLH016IABMHS/XSRM707,132.00
146-inch 4KLH008IABMUS/XSRM1,229,419.00

Where The Wall All-in-One is a sensory feast for the whole family, the Odyssey Ark is a gateway to adventures untold for yourself. This display is every gamers’ dream come true – with the world’s first 55-inch 1000R rotating curved gaming screen. The huge display is bound to unite console and PC gamers alike with its cinematic and immersive experiences thanks to a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time (GtG¹), plus an all-new Cockpit Mode and an exclusive controller, the Ark Dial.

Sharp visuals are not the only things being offered on the plate; this monitor brings amazing soundscape to your ears with its Sound Dome Technology. This tech features an AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos that help to surround you in a three-dimensional soundscape with the help of its four speakers and two central woofers.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Other game changing features like Multi View lets you take full advantage of the Odyssey Ark’s impressive screen by splitting it into sections – Twitch streamers and competitive gamers, we’re looking at you! You can add up to four screens in landscape mode and three in Cockpit Mode – allowing you to multitask to your heart’s content when streaming games, chatting on social media, or watching videos on YouTube, all without cluttering up the screen.

What’s more, with a quick simple set up of Game Bar, hardcore gamers can stay on top of their wins. Game bar feature offers easy view of important settings such as their game FPS (frames per second), HDR (high dynamic range) and VRR (variable refresh rate) keeping gamers ahead of their game!

ModelModel CodeRecommended Retail Price (RRP)
55’’ Odyssey ArkLS55BG970NEXXSRM13,999

The Wall and Odyssey Ark are now available for viewing at Senheng x Samsung Experience Store located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at the Shoppes, Four Seasons Place. For personal consultation on the best Display solutions and customer support, please reach out to [email protected].

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