Logitech’s POP Mouse and Keys Combo Now In Malaysia. The Keycaps are ROUND?

Logitech Malaysia had recently brought in their POP Mouse and Keys series into Malaysia to maintain their hold in the market.

It’s essentially a mouse and keyboard with really eye-catching colorways and their own quirky twists to keep things interesting.

POP Keys

The POP Keys is a wireless mechanical keyboard with round keycaps that’s able to connect to multiple operating systems seamlessly. Logitech’s even gotten down to the detail of having specific typewriter-style switches that sound close to the clack’s of the good ol’ days. On the right side of the keyboard you’re able to assign emoji keys and they’re hot-swappable as well. From there I can imagine the number of Gen Z’s that will be spamming their emoji moods with more immediacy. The POP Keys retail for RM 489 and are available in DayDream (Mint, Vibrant Yellow, Lavender) and Blast (Black, Classic Yellow) colors.

POP Mouse

Made to compliment the Keys, the POP Mouse is a wireless mouse with a unique SmartWheel roller. The roller is wider than most mice I’ve seen and a single flick can scroll you down (or up) pretty quickly. The circle button just below the roller gives you access to an Emoji Panel for quick selections and the left and right clicks are silent thanks to Logitech’s own Quick Touch hardware. The mouse also works with multi-device connections that let you drag and drop files from different devices and OS seamlessly. The POP Mouse can be yours for just RM 159.

To match this new POP Keys and Mouse combo is the Studio Series Desk Mat that comes in 3 colors of Lavender, Dark Rose and Mid Grey. The surface is spill-resistant and pretty durable too, made from a strong wool foundation that’s both wrinkle and shrink proof. These puppies go for RM 99.

They’re Available Now!

If these colorful peripherals have caught your attention, you’d be happy to know that they’re available in most major IT stores all over Malaysia as well as Logitech’s Official Online Stores!

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