Oppo’s Enco Free comes to Malaysia this 16th January

With the trend of true wireless earbuds increasing, it’s no surprise that more and more brands have been hoping onto that bandwagon. 

A new addition into this arena would be the Enco Free, by Oppo. 

Expected to go on sale this coming 16th January, the Enco Free seems to draw heavy design inspiration from a certain fruit company (but who doesn’t these days), but not without its own merits. 

Firstly it’s how the Enco Free is going to fit in your ear. There’s semi in-ear tips that will keep the buds in your ear more securely and not have ’em drop out mid-way. 

Since it’s true wireless earbuds, you’ll definitely be getting a charging case with it, and the Enco Free claims a maximum 25 hours of use from a fully charged case. As for music playback you could get up to 5 hours, and 3 hours for phone calls. An inviting feature is that the case is charged via USB Type-C, alongside an LED indicator in front and pairing is done via a push of a button located on the right side. 

The Enco Free features dual-microphone beam-forming technology and AI uplink noise cancellation for clearer, crisp calls. There’s also binaural simultaneous Bluetooth transmission to deliver synchronized audio to the left and right ears and Oppo promises a minimal latency of 120 ms.

Gestures are pretty straightforward, such as sliding up and down to control volume (left bud) and changing tracks (right bud). 

Double-tapping on either side answers or end calls, and even pausing or resuming your music. 

The Enco Free comes in 3 colors, and currently go for CNY 699 (100USD) in China. 

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