Meet the Extensive ASUS Perfect Warranty, covering 80% repairs costs from user damages

Laptops from ASUS come with a standard 2-year global warranty, and that’s already pretty neat, but recently they’ve decided to sweeten that a little further with an after-sales service called the ASUS Perfect warranty.

What does it cover? 


  • Damages from liquid spillage
  • Accidental drops causing breakage 
  • Electrical Surging
  •  LCD, Main Board, Processor, Hard Disk Drive, SSD, memory or parts is identified by ASUS under Key Parts category

What’s Not Covered:

  • Scratches and Dents
  • Installation of incorrect or inadequate programs
  • Lost or stolen laptops
  • Intentional Damage 
  • Damages from acts of God, Nature or War
  • Misc accessories and cables

ASUS will cover 80% of the total repairs, and the end user will pay the remaining 20% and labor fees (determined by amount of work needed to repair claimed device)

Who’s Legible? 

  • Malaysia and Brunei purchased devices. Outside of these countries don’t apply.
  • Any purchase of ASUS Consumer Notebook & Gaming Series from 1st January 2020 (Only applicable for ASUS Consumer Notebook & Gaming Series launched from 1st January 2019 and 2020 onwards.

How long?:

Consumer is eligible for (1) time Repair Service on the (1st) year of manufacturer warranty. Perfect Warranty is not applicable on the (2nd) year of manufacturer warranty.

How Claim?:

  • Bring your device to any authorized Service Center in Malaysia or Brunei
  • Bring your purchase receipt/invoice (it will be validated)
  • You’ll be quoted after an assessment 
  • Pay and collect device once they’ve contacted you
  • #doneclaim

What models?:

Here is the full list of ASUS laptops eligible for ASUS Perfect Warranty. Essentially all ASUS laptops launched since 2019 are eligible, but you can double check to see if your laptop is listed below, just to be sure:

Credits to , for providing this concise list!

For full details, check out the ASUS Website over HERE

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