Hisense unveils 2023 Product Lineup in Malaysia

Hisense, a leading global provider of home entertainment and consumer electronics, has unveiled its 2023 product lineup in Malaysia. The lineup features a wide range of innovative products, including the Hisense Mini LED 4K U7K and the Hisense PX2-Pro.

The Hisense Mini LED 4K U7K is a sleek and stylish television with a bezel-less design and stunning 4K resolution. It also features Game Mode Pro and FreeSync Premium for smooth and tear-free gaming. For enhanced visuals and audio, the U7K supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby audio.

The Hisense PX2-Pro is a high-end laser TV that offers users a real cinema experience at home. It features a colossal 90″ to 130″ Super Big Screen and a triple-colour laser light source for vibrant and lifelike imagery. The PX2-Pro also supports 4K UHD Picture Quality, Dolby Vision, HDR 10, and HLG.

In addition to the Mini LED 4K U7K and the PX2-Pro, Hisense also unveiled a number of other products at its launch event, including:

  • Hisense 4-Door Inverter 720L RQ768N4AW-KU: This luxury refrigerator features Ample storage and ensures food freshness.
  • Hisense Side by Side Inverter 620L RS688N4AW-PU: This refrigerator combines beauty and efficiency.


Introducing Hisense’s PureShine addition, focusing on design to elevate kitchen experiences and enliven living spaces with vibrant colours. The Hisense 4-door Inverter 720L RQ768N4AW-KU embodies simplicity, blending luxury and uniqueness, transforming kitchens into luxurious spaces. With Metal Tech cooling, it preserves food freshness with even cooling. Designed for convenience and ample storage, this refrigerator accommodates various shapes and types of food. Its advanced inverter technology ensures stable, energy-efficient, and quiet operation, extending the appliance’s lifespan for a superior refrigeration experience.


The Hisense PureShine collection emphasises aesthetics with its high-quality glass door design and unique colour combinations. Hisense Side by Side Inverter 620L RS688N4AW-PU are elegantly simple, adding a touch of luxury and originality to everyday kitchen appliances and satisfying the need for visual aesthetics. Equipped with multi-air flow and dual-tech cooling, this refrigerator maintains the ideal temperature consistently throughout, ensuring food stays perfectly chilled no matter where it’s stored.


Introducing Hisense’s new 2-in-1 smart washing machine and dryer equipped with WIFI control. It seamlessly connects to the ConnetLife app, enabling users to remotely control the washer through their smartphones. Simplify your daily routine with its quick wash and dry feature, capable of wearing after 60’ wash and drya. The appliance offers three types of steam – pure steam, allergy steam, and fresh steam – ensuring clean and high-quality clothes maintenance.

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