Use your Switch to Print Polaroids! Fujifilm x Nintendo partnership launches in April

Fujifilm partners with Nintendo to use its INSTAX Mini Link Special Edition Smartphone Printer to let you be able to print credit-card sized polaroids directly from your Nintendo Switch!

How does this work?

First you’ll install Fujifilm’s Mini Link Special Edition app on your phone, then use that app to scan the QR codes that the Switch will create when you want to get something printed out. What’s really cool here is that you’ll be able to customize the polaroid with over 90-exclusive Nintendo themed frames to match your screenshots!

There are 2 editions!

Apart from the regular design, there’s a Special Pikachu bundle edition, which is pretty much the same thing but with a Pikachu slip-on rubber case for the Link Printer.

Will it come to Malaysia?

Not officially, but hopefully! In the US the printers would cost $99.95 arriving in late April, and the Pikachu Bundle will cost $119.95, and arrives in late May.

Video Commercial

[Source: Nintendo Global PR]

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