Tecware’s comeback with the Pearl series premium mechanical switches.


It really looks like the hobby is going mainstream with one of the most budget brands in the SEA region introducing a new lineup of mechanical switches that sit side by side with ones with custom boards that cost 4 digits. For those who are familiar, yes these are probably renamed Tecsee switches.

What makes it premium? 3 of these switches use UHMWPE (uhm-wipe) plastic, the current smoothest plastic used in switches so you’re sure to notice how much more smooth it is compared to other switches.

Pearl Teal switch

This is a linear switch with an UHWPE top and stem with nylon bottom. The spring is 48 grams so it’s pretty light.

Pearl Clear

This is a linear PC (polycarbonate) housing with a nylon long pole stem and a 63g spring. Actuation distance is pretty long-pole-y at 3.5mm instead of the usual 4mm, so it makes a poppy noise compared to the 4mm switches.

Pearl Purple

This is one of the 2 new tactile offerings. It has a UHMWPE top and stem with a nylon bottom and 68g spring. A huge improvement from the usual brown switches as it is much more tactile.

Pearl Salmon

The last one is probably the most interesting/fun one, it’s has a UHMWPE top, POM stem, nylon bottom, 60g spring but a 3.1mm actuation, so it will bottom super early like the Harimau switch from Rebult. It’s gonna be a poppy boy.

No word of availability and pricing from Tecware but they will be sold in packs of 35. Click here to read more at the Tecware Pearl website.

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