Royal Selangor made a Durian keycap for your mechanical keyboard!

This very Malaysian keycap is a collaboration led by Rebult Keyboards, a local vendor for custom keyboard parts, and Royal Selangor, one of the world’s largest Pewter decor forgeries.

Only 200 units of this Durian Artisan Keycap has been made for sale with a unique authentication card.

Each keycap is casted from a hand-sculpted mold by an experienced Royal Selangor sculptor to create the shape of the Durian fruit that you either love to death or absolutely dislike

All 200 units of the Durian Artisan Pewter keycap will be sold first-come-first serve (FCFS) on Rebult Keyboard’s website at 10 PM, 19th of February (Malaysian time).

Click here to check out the Durian Keycap website

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