Quick Ones: HUAWEI Vision S (65-inch)

HUAWEI Malaysia had recently introduced their new smart TV lineup to Malaysian shores, and it’s coined as the HUAWEI Vision S Series, with the tagline of being beyond a TV.

So what makes it “Beyond a TV”?

It just feel like the Vision S series focuses on several facets here, specifically AI, Display technology and connectivity.

1. Visually stunning panel and design

When I first got to look at the Vision S, It seemed well designed and well-built. It was solid and minimal in design. The bezels were incredibly thin (94% screen to body ratio) and 65-inches was just outright giganthicc. Supporting the TV (should you choose not to mount it to a wall) are 2 pieces of metal that’re shaped like ice-skate blades. They’re not sharp, but they seemed pretty strong, and the TV remained sturdy even after trying to shake the entire unit in search for a little wobble.

Overall, the design language of the Vision S makes it easy to fit most kinds of interior design, be it modern contemporary or even rustic. This huge slab of tech blends in universally with ease.

120 Hz, 4K UHD, 92% DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut

I guess the headline is pretty self explanatory huh? I too was surprised at how much HUAWEI had focused on the display tech of things, pushing such resolutions and with such a high refresh rate. In a certain sense it’s fit for next-gen console use but we’ll dive into that when the PS5 starts being more commercially procurable.

Now, that gamut coverage is HIGH. Most TV’s in this class and price range I’ve seen usually just covers up to 72%, and the Vision S simply just delivers 20% more. What does that mean for you people? it simply means the TV is able to produce more colors as accurately and diverse as it can compared to the staple average. In short? More COLORS. If it gets too visually stimulating, you can enable Low Blue Light mode in the settings to give your eyes some passive comfort while you’re still glued to your shows.

2. It has a…camera?

The Vision S literally comes with its own camera, and I made the assumption that it would be used for calls and such, and I was right. It’s a 13MP 1080P camera that’s magnetically attached to the top of the TV. Being able to remove the camera in that matter makes things instantly private and doesn’t invade the purity of the bezels, especially if it’s going to be built into the shell and you get an ugly privacy shutter to just cover it up. It’s also easy to get it replaced too, since it’s a standalone piece.

If you’re an existing HUAWEI user, you can immediately recognize that you can use MeeTime on the Vision S series.


  • Connect Vision S to WiFi
  • Install HUAWEI’s Vision app from AppGallery
  • Follow the pairing intructions
  • Begin MeeTime call and select the Vision S to make or receive the calls.

If you’re wonder about mics, there’s no worry, as the Vision S comes with 6 microphones connected at the bottom of the TV that has a decent reach, especially if its an average TV distance of about 5-6 feet. During the test call my crew was able to recognize what I was trying to tell them and rated it to be “just audible”. We’ll test in our review if we can use our earbuds instead if paired to our Mate 40 Pro.

3. Harmony OS with Multi-device control

The Vision S comes with its own operating system called Harmony OS, which is very close to EMUI in terms of navigation and design. Most of the time you’ll be using the included remote control ,but if you truly want to get into the whole ecosystem, you can pair it to your HUAWEI device and you can use it as a touch remote or a direct screen mirror for your media.

Provided Remote Control

Harmony OS also features built-in video and music services, where you can directly stream movies and music in their database (region sensitive) for free, and all you have to do to get that is to just login or register for a HUAWEI ID. You’re also able to buy and download content on their own Store, such as fitness tutorials for a small sum. Maybe that camera is also used for posture tracking!

The Quick Take

So far the Vision S feels like a competent product by the smartphone giant, and it’s clear that they want to make a grand entrance by giving great features and design on their first try. The price is yet to be announced, and I feel that price will strongly determine everything, from willingness to adopt to potential popularity in the market. For now, all I can say is that existing HUAWEI device owners stand to benefit the most from the Vision S, and for those who don’t, you are still able to register for a HUAWEI ID just for the Vision S and immediately enjoy all the bells and whistles this TV has to offer.

And the review sir?

We’re currently in the middle of testing, so we will be publishing our video really soon.

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