Quick Ones: Galaxy A72

Every year we get to see a whole new A series from Samsung, and this year sticks with tradition tightly. This is the Galaxy A72, Samsung’s highest end midrange for 2021 (for now).

First off is the box, all in white. It’s about the same as last years, with the same box of goodies that come with a Galaxy A smartphone. The A series took a specific turn this year, claiming that there’s a high chance that the A series could be someone’s first smartphone, and therefore it comes with everything needed to make a good first impression.

Inside the Galaxy A72’s contains quick start guides, SIM ejection pin, type-c to type-c cable, and a 25W charging adapter (yes, the Super Fast Charging one). It’s a good thing too, considering we have a 5,000 mAh battery to feed!

I’ve followed prices of devices for years, and the A72 is priced a little more expensive compared to last year’s, costing a cool RM 1899. It’s available in 4 colorways, Awesome Black, Awesome Blue, Awesome Violet, and Awesome White. 

1. A familiar camera layout

The camera layout, like the S21 series, is the main style piece that gives the A series its identity. The quad-camera setup looks very identical to the S21 Ultra’s and I can’t blame them. It’s simply stylish and carries the Samsung design language forward into the year.

The rest of the back is primarily plastic with a matte-like finish that does away with fingerprints, and considering you don’t get a case with the box, I’m all for it.

I just love how the camera piece looks like it’s been embossed finely into the shell of the A72, and in another perspective, look like it’s trying to form outwards, like a hill of sorts.

2. 90Hz Super AMOLED display

For this line up, the entire A team comes with native 90Hz panels with Samsung’s superb AMOLED tech, a great combination of color and speed.

Add this with out of the box One UI 3.1 and I was impressed, knowing what a jump it has been even from last year’s models. We expect the same pleasant results from the A72 in our upcoming review, in terms of watching shows and going about our day.

3. Cameras are the same but not really

The cameras on the A72 are pretty decent, consisting of a main 64MP wide, 8MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide and 5MP macro sensors. This includes a 30x Space Zoom, a real treat to have outside of the elite S series bubble. We’re definitely going to see how far it’ll go in our camera stress tests. My curiosity lies in the macro sensor as well, as more and more smartphones have been quick to adopt one onto their multi-cam loadout, and given my confidence in previous gen Samsungs, I should be able to take some great close-ups without throwing a fit.

The Quick Take

So far, everything outside had color me impressed, as the jumps in the little things led to a leap. My biggest concern lies in the chipset, a rather unusual Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G, which will compel me to test its gaming and photo taking capabilities. For an asking price of RM 1899, it’s going to bog down heavily on the user experience if we’re getting specs like these. Well, at least it’s 8GB RAM with 256GB of internal memory space with the means to expand.

Decent water resistance, an audio jack and 90Hz screen? I am already ready to say it’s recommendable already.

And the review sir?

We’re currently in the middle of testing, so we will be publishing our review by next week. Do stay tuned for our upcoming videos and the written review itself!

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