Quick Ones: Galaxy A52s 5G

“Awesome is for everyone” continues their momentum with the A52s 5G. It’s literally leaping refresh of the A52 that competes heavily in the mid-range battlefield as always. Here’s our usual quick look before our full review!

I’ve followed prices of devices for years, and the A72 is priced a little more expensive compared to last year’s, costing a cool RM 1899. It’s available in 4 colorways, Awesome Black, Awesome Blue, Awesome Violet, and Awesome White. 

1. Looks just like the A52 in every way

If it ain’t ugly it doesn’t need a redesign! It’s simply stylish and carries the Samsung design language forward into the end of the year. The back is plastic with a matte finish with the camera module placed and design in a manner that blends into the back case design. It does feel a little more solid compared to the A52. There’s no case in the box but don’t worry, the A52s is pretty good at fighting away fingerprints but not smudges, so if you have oily fingers, prepare a cloth for a good wiping from time to time.

2. 120Hz Super AMOLED display and Upgraded Specs

Moving from from 90Hz, the A52s 5G is equipped with a 120Hz Super AMOLED Panel that can go up to 800 nits in brightness. Combined with a strong Snapdragon 778G 5G processor with an 8GB RAM and 256GB memory combo, it’s poised to be a mid-range beast, and for good reason. The 778G is a respectable chipset that a lot of brands have recently employed into their mid-rangers and it’s great to see Samsung following that trend. You can even see the same chipset on the Galaxy Tab S7 fe and it was one hell of a tablet to behold.

Add this with out of the box One UI 3.1 and I was impressed, knowing what a jump it has been even from last year’s models.

3. Cameras get a much needed competitive upgrade

The A52s 5G comes equipped with a quad-camera arrangement. We would like to emphasised on the main sensor though. It’s 64MP Quad-Bayer camera that outputs in 16MP. You’ll have your usual AI scene optimiser and auto HDR accompanying your photo and video journey.

The ultra wide is 12MP f/2.2 (so glad). We expect it to perform on par with its mid-range competitors with a slight edge as Samsung usually nails it with excellent distortion correction and dynamic range.

There’s a macro camera on board too, and it’s a 5MP sensor (f/2.4 oh my goodness). We get it, macro lenses are usually the cheapest to add in of the bunch, and we are SUPER relieved to see a 5MP instead of our usual 2MP units (Which take shots at abysmal quality no matter how steady you can land a shot.)

The Quick Take

The A52s 5G feels like a great jump even from the A52. It made a solid impression starting from better competitive specs, an even faster screen and keeping the audio jack and water resistance. It even takes the A52’s initial launch price of RM 1899 while having enough upgrades to keep on their toes in a heavily contested mid-range ring.

And the review sir?

We’re currently in the middle of testing, so we will be publishing our review by next week. Do stay tuned for our upcoming videos and the written review itself!

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