Qualcomm Takes Center Stage at CES 2024: Digital Chassis Driving Automotive Future

  • Qualcomm showcases industry-leading Snapdragon Digital Chassis portfolio at CES.
  • Open and scalable solutions drive global demand for efficient automotive tech.
  • Personalized experiences, immersive cockpits, and AI advancements take center stage.
  • Snapdragon Ride platform powers the road to autonomous driving.
  • Connected services reshape business models with on-demand features and upgrades.
  • Co-innovation with automakers and ecosystem partners fuels software-defined mobility.
  • Digital transformation expands beyond cars with two-wheeler and new vehicle solutions.

Qualcomm Technologies cemented its position as the automotive industry’s partner-of-choice at CES 2024, unveiling the breadth and power of its Snapdragon Digital Chassis portfolio. From personalized cockpits and advanced driver assistance to AI-powered experiences and connected services, Qualcomm is shaping the future of software-defined vehicles. Its commitment to open and scalable solutions is fueling global demand, making it the driving force behind automotive innovation.


  • Immersive Cockpits: Snapdragon Cockpit Platform delivers intuitive experiences with enhanced graphics, multimedia, and AI, personalized for each occupant.
  • AI Revolution: Edge-based generative AI promises powerful, private, and safer personalized experiences in the future.
  • Autonomous Driving: Snapdragon Ride platform helps automakers build efficient AD solutions with its scalable AD stack and perception solutions.
  • High-performance Computing: Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC enables mixed-criticality workloads on a single chip, powering next-generation vehicle systems.
  • Connected Services: Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud opens new revenue streams with on-demand feature upgrades and personalization.
  • Two-wheeler Solutions: Snapdragon Digital Chassis expands beyond cars, enhancing safety and experiences for motorcycles, scooters, and more.

Qualcomm’s collaborative approach, demonstrated through partnerships with leading automakers and ecosystem players, is revolutionizing the vehicle development lifecycle. With its comprehensive Digital Chassis solutions, Qualcomm is steering the automotive industry towards a future of software-defined mobility, personalized experiences, and seamless connectivity.

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