An Inside Look On Toshiba’s AI TV’s in CES 2024

From January 9th to 12th, Toshiba’s booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Central Hall, booth #18217) will be a hub for live demonstrations, unveilings, and a glimpse into the future of home entertainment.

Cutting-Edge Technologies Take Center Stage

Toshiba’s CES showcase revolves around three key themes:

  • Advanced AI Picture Optimizer with Evolved AI Scene Detection: This revolutionary technology leverages AI to analyze images with pinpoint accuracy, optimizing picture quality for diverse scenes like nightscapes, fireworks, and sporting events. Witness the difference for yourself with live demos at the Toshiba booth.
  • REGZA Immersive Sound for 5.1.2 Surround: Experience theater-quality audio from the comfort of your living room. Toshiba’s latest technology creates an authentic 5.1.2 channel surround sound experience using only the TV’s built-in speakers. Immerse yourself in the demo and hear the difference!
  • Larger-than-Life Screens: Get ready to be awestruck by Toshiba’s latest “Large Screen” smart TV models, designed to captivate global audiences. Feast your eyes on the 100-inch Quantum Dot Mini LED Ultra HD 4K Smart TV (100Z970M) and the 77-inch Ultra HD 4K OLED TV (77X9900M).

A Deeper Dive into Toshiba’s Innovations

Advanced AI Picture Optimizer: Dive deeper into the magic of Toshiba’s AI-powered picture optimization with these key features:

  • Evolved AI Scene Detection: The AI model expertly identifies intricate scenes, employing scene-specific adjustments for optimal picture quality. From fireworks displays to combat sports, every scene comes alive with stunning detail and realism.
  • Scene-adaptive Color Volume Control: This REGZA Engine ZR series technology dynamically optimizes peak luminance and color mapping based on the scene, maximizing panel performance and delivering faithful reproductions of reality.

REGZA Immersive Sound: Prepare to be enveloped in sound with these highlights:

  • Speaker Harmonizer: Experience a revolution in audio processing. This technology transforms conventional 2-channel audio into 8 channels, individually optimizing each speaker for superior clarity and precise sound positioning. The result? True 5.1.2 surround sound that transports you to the heart of the action.
  • True 5.1.2 Surround with Dolby Atmos: Get ready for a cinematic audio experience. The Dolby Atmos Enabled TV model delivers vertical sound positioning, replicating the immersive soundscapes of a movie theater right in your living room.

Toshiba’s CES 2024 showcase promises to be a sensory feast, packed with groundbreaking technologies and awe-inspiring visuals. If you’re looking for a glimpse into the future of home entertainment, mark your calendars and head to the Toshiba booth!

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