Here Are Some Test Shots From The Galaxy S22 Ultra At A Concert

BTS Permission To Dance Concert in Las Vegas | Shot with Galaxy S22 Ultra
Source: Samsung Mobile Twitter

Glares no-more!

Pretty sure we’ve all been there – the concert just ended, you’re making your way home while scrolling through your phone to look at all the photos and videos you took of the show. There’s only one problem: all the photographs appear to be fuzzy or underexposed and generally disappointing.

So, does all smartphone concert photography have to be like this, or is it possible to take breathtaking shots at concerts? Not at all I suppose, because if you have the right piece of kit, you just might be able to save yourself from such a situation!

We’d pick the Galaxy S22 Ultra for its versatility in lenses and its unique properties. The device is fitted out with a new anti-reflective nano coating on the camera lenses, dubbed as the new ‘super clear lens’. This super clear lens works by cutting out the light flares and halo effect you tend to see when shooting in low light conditions, resulting in crisp photos and videos with minimal flare even at night.

How About Them Fuzzy Shots From Movements?

With the crowd being very energetic with lots of movements, the more likely it is that people will bump into you while you’re shooting, resulting in shaky shots, as you try to capture footages of the performers rocking on stage. Luckily, the Galaxy S22 Ultra enhanced pro-grade camera corrects shake better than ever for a steady clarity in each frame. With upgraded OIS, it can handle all the jitters and shakes, providing smooth and sharp videos even in low light.

And Lowlight Plays A Vital Role Too

You know how the lights in a music venue are poorly-lit with dramatic light changes throughout the concert? What may be a great lighting spectacle for the audience may not be as great in photographs. But thanks to the Nightography feature, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can take clear videos with stunning textures and colors, even with various forms of illumination – even in low-light settings. It automatically chooses

the ideal frame rate to capture as much light and detail as possible! If the light still isn’t enough, Super Night Solution will kick in and work its magic!

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