Rebult Keyboards launch Harimau and Penyu themed keyboard switches; Group Buy Starts Now!

artwork by @cheeze_wedgez

Designed by local custom keyboard parts vendor, Rebult Keyboards, the Harimau (Tiger) and Penyu (Tortoise) opened for group buy yesterday on 8.8. The two switches are inspired by Zykos and Black Cherry Pie, two high-end frankenswitches (made from combining different parts of switches). They both feature a long-stem pole with a standard bottom housing to produce a loud poppy noise when used in a high-end keyboards. Making those frankenswitches can get outlandishly expensive and these two switches help overcome that challenge by being a one-switch solution while contributing to a good cause.

Buy for a Cause

A portion of the sales from the Harimau and Penyu switches will go to WWF Malaysia’s Malayan Tiger and Marine Turtle conservation, at the minimum of $1000 USD, and will scale up depending on sales from 10 different vendors that cover the whole world, (which rarely happens for switches). The switches are open for group buy at RM28 for 10 at their website if you’re local and scheduled for launch on November 2021. Also, they will come in Rebult’s brand new 100% biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging, so turtles will eat less plastic salad for lunch.

If you know, you know la this is going to be some good stuff

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Click here to pre-order at Rebult Keyboard’s website

Vendors for other regions
ThocKeys – US
CandyKeys – EU
proto[Typist] – UK
Zion Studios – PH – CA
Zfrontier – CN
StacksKB – IN

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