Galaxy Buds Live – What to expect

The Galaxy Buds Live is something I’ve been eyeing on even before the Unpacked 2020 event. It aims to be the step-up from the critically acclaimed Galaxy Buds series that’s honestly been one of the best wireless audio buds from a smartphone brand.

Priced just RM 100 (RM 699) more than the current Galaxy Buds+ (RM 599), the Galaxy Buds Live comes with a set of features that should probably put them in a market position that would make them sought after. Let’s talk about those features.


 Mystic White, Mystic Bronze, and Mystic Black.

There are pretty much two camps here, where one side sees it as a sleek, futuristic piece of audio ear-wear, and the other just thinking how they’ll look with a pair of mini kidneys shoved into their ear sockets. For me, I have one foot on each camp here. I love the design whilst thinking it’s a little weird. This unconventional design is actually ergonomic and conforms to the shape of your ear, which should produce a natural fit into your ear, leading to all-day wear comfort. You can further customize your fit with two sizes of wingtips.

Audio Quality

In order to live up to the expectations of its price tag, an immersive audio experience should be in order. The Galaxy Buds+ for me was a nice piece that complemented my S20 Ultra, with the Galaxy Wearable App to help keep things in check such as an equalizer for your sound signature preferences and firmware updates to keep things consistent. I pretty much expect the same seamless experience here, with the differences being in superior audio playback, battery life and Active Noise Cancelling. There is some confidence within me, as Samsung’s proven their capabilities through their Buds+ and their relationship with AKG.


I’m sensitive about mics, especially when they’re fit in earpieces that’s getting smaller and smaller. When I am bored of my AirPods Pro, the Buds+ were my immediate substitutes, especially when I am in-between smartphone operating systems. Now, with a barrage of mics that even have designated functions on the Galaxy Buds Live, it seems that Samsung’s learnt a lot from their competitors and community feedback. With three microphones and a Voice Pickup Unit, the earbuds home in on your voice and ensure you always come through loud and clear on the phone. The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for open type, allows you to do away with outside disruptive noise while still being able to tune into important announcements and conversations.

My excitement leans towards using the Galaxy Buds Live as an external wireless microphone when I get my hands on a review unit. I’ll be sure to make full use of that 6 hour on a single-charge battery life soon enough.


The Galaxy Buds Live are available in select countries starting from August 6, 2020, and will expand to more markets. We’ll be sure to know when it arrives in Malaysia, especially if you’re following ZenTheGeek’s Facebook Page. Till then, RM 699 is not a lot to ask for, especially if you know that it has the potential to defeat those that are in the RM 1000 and beyond asking price.

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