Xiaomi Is One Of China’s Best Employers According To Forbes


It is reported on Forbes China recently that Xiaomi’s HQ, ranked no. 4 on the list of “China’s Most Attractive Employers” in 2021. Among the top rankers include Schneider Electric, Hitachi Energy, and Bank of China to name a few.

Fun Facts

  • At the end of last year, Xiaomi had 33,000 full-time employees globally!
  • Forbes China made its selection after surveying 70,000 people over three months. The survey, which involved multiple topics, was conducted by Forbes China and Russell Consulting Company.
  • Xiaomi was listed as one of the “World’s Best Employers 2021” by Forbes. It was also ranked No. 4 on the list of “China’s Most Attractive Employers” for engineering students by Universum.

Xiaomi prides itself on maintaining best practices for recruitment, employment, and employee benefits. According to the Company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report last year, Xiaomi was free of unfair labor practices or gender discrimination.

“Xiaomi is pleased and honored to be recognized for our employment practices. We recruit talent from around the world and give our employees the best opportunity we can to unleash their creativity to make products that improve the world. Xiaomi is committed to operating at the highest standards and protecting the rights of our employees.”
Wang Xiang, Partner and President of Xiaomi Group

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