Samsung Galaxy A52: Flagship packed, Affordable Priced

Samsung Galaxy A52 LTE
fun at a fraction
The Samsung Galaxy A52 packs some features that’s usually reserved for flagships, with only a few setbacks that’s compensated with value.
Battery Life
Hella Stylish
Value for money
Good battery life
Smooth Display
IP 67 Rating
Macro isn’t good
Not ideal for gaming

Out Of 10

More purple yoghurt color!


CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
Memory8GB / 256GB
Display6.5″ FHD+ (2400 x 1080) Super AMOLED @ 90Hz
Camera65MP – Wide
12MP – Ultra Wide
5MP- Macro
5MP – Depth Sensor
32MP – Front-facing
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0,USB Type-C 2.0, LTE, Up to WiFi 5
Dual-SIM standby (Hybrid with MicroSD)
OSOne UI 3.1 (Android 11)
Battery4500mAh, 15W Fast Charging (25W fast charge capable but sold separately)
Available ColorsAwesome Black, Blue, Violet, White
Retail Price8GB/256GB – RM 1499 (LTE) | RM 1899 (5G)


“A huge bump, A huge statement

The Galaxy A52 LTE is pretty much a smaller sized version of the Galaxy A72, following the same design language and eye-catching design of this year’s release. It’s a premium feeling plastic that’s molded perfectly to fit the camera module, making it look like one unique piece in total. It does away with fingerprints well, but I’d still slap a case on if I can.

The only buttons are the volume and power buttons and they’re on the right. It’s clicky but a little hard to press at times, with no added flair to them so it’s just simple and easy here. The bottom will be your speaker grille, USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm audio jack (yay!)


In front is a 6.5″ AMOLED display capable of smooth 90Hz operation. It’s good to see higher refresh rate panels making its way to the Galaxy A family. The display’s a lot brighter too, ideal for use under direct sunlight since it could go up to 800 nits.

Colors were perfectly accurate, and I enjoyed watching Netflix on the A52, since there’s Widevine L1 support, which compensates for the lack of HDR support, which is fine since I don’t even use HDR by default when I watch anything on my phone anyway. With comprehensive Full HD support like this, it was hard to believe that at such a price point, we could still be pampered with a good viewing experience, especially if it’s Samsung’s latest display tech. It may not be the highest tier, but neither is this device. It was simply designed to be mid-range with some promising extras.

It performs well for apps, but not games

The Galaxy A52 LTE packs the Snapdragon 720G chipset, and running games were not particularly impressive. Even alternating between 60Hz and 90Hz barely made a difference to the overall gaming experience. It barely managed to stay on 60FPS on most commonplace 3D games, but did respectably well on 2D/2.5D titles as it doesn’t require that much resources to run.

Games like CODM / PUBG Mobile: Not Good
Games like Cookie Run: Ovenbreak / Guardian Tales: Good

I’m pretty sure this is expected right ? Clearly we don’t buy a device like this for gaming. If you actually thought so, we recommend going for the slightly stronger A72, if not a used Pocophone.

It uses the same camera sensors as the A72

The A52 LTE packs an identical set of cameras as the A72, with the exception of the telephoto as seen on the latter. Expect great daylight photos with fast focusing and fair color reproduction in your shots.

Main sensor shots were sensible and bright, with the same quirks like the A72, such as overexposure in extra sunny places and noise in overcast, damp areas. Editing them using the built-in editor was fast and easy, and made shots stand out better.

Close up shots pack plenty of detail and are quite rich in color

In high resolution mode (64MP 3:4), images were a lot better but with limited zoom. Usually in shot like these it’s best to just crop directly into what you were trying to shoot and more than half the time the level of detail is a lot better than shooting in normal 3:4 mode.

Good close ups require a very steady hand and a lot of time, otherwise you’ll end up with blurring like this shot
Ultra Wide Angle Indoors

Ultra wide was nice, but doesn’t capture as much detail as I’d like and sharpening them wasn’t much help. Things looked a little muddled and wet. It’d be a better ideal to take shots using the Full 3:4 64MP mode and cropping it to get the best possible images this device could churn out.

The 32MP front-facing camera shoots more confidently, packing good detail and dynamic range. Even though it’s the same specs as the A72, it didn’t produce equal results. It just seemed a little less detailed here and it’s not because of the chipset either as both models use the same processor. Perhaps it’s just software optimization for now.

Portraits turned out nice, with good separation and detail. It performed better than regular selfie mode, with simple better definition as you can see on the comparison above.

Long Battery Life, Long charging times

The Galaxy A52 LTE has a 4500 mAh battery, a nice bump for 2021 standards compared to last year’s A52 with 4000 mAh instead.

Battery life was expectedly impressive, lasting up to 2 days of medium use. It’s not our first dance with the Snapdragon 720G chipset, so we have great idea on how focused this chipset is on being long lasting.

As for charging, here are the results using the bundled 15W charger. It took slightly over 2 hours to fully charge, something that doesn’t sit well with me, as other brands fighting in this price range could easily out charge the A52 at even twice the speed.

Charging Results

From 1% Unplug %
15 mins18%
30 mins35%
140 mins100%

Is it for you?

“The Galaxy A52 is a fine lightweight device for lightweight tasks It’s definitely not for gamers, but video buffs instead. It excels well in video playback with a robust set of qualifications such as a good display panel and Samsung’s fine work in color accuracy.

RM 1499 is not a lot to ask for, but we recommend saving a little more for either the A72 or a used S20 FE”

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