Roborock’s 9.9 sales will rock your robots

I’m glad you clicked this link. I spent 4 days figuring out such a terrible, inhumane pun for you to get here. Roborock Malaysia’s sent us their 9.9 sales list and we feel that the crazy discounts are pretty good.

You’re most likely look at their latest model, the S7. It’s Roborock’s latest premium model, featuring Sonic Mopping, VibraRise™ technology and a longer battery in a style white case. We’ve previously reviewed it so here’s the video for you to take a look at if you’re still on the fence about it.

If you’re looking for a handheld solution, there’s the H7. The H7 retains the exceptional features of its predecessor, the Roborock H6, with new options for an improved cleaning experience. The H7 is a LiPo battery based cordless stick vacuum cleaner, which makes battery replacements easier with no let down on suction power. We’re actually going to review this soon so wait up on that if you’re looking to NOT buy a Dyson instead.

Head on over to the Shopee link HERE to get started on replacing your maid with one of these babies.

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