Roborock’s 8.8 Shopee Sale Day Slashes Prices Nearly In Half ; Malaysians Scrambling To Prepare Money

Roborock Malaysia is offering up to 40% off its products on 8 August for its 8.8 Shopee Sale Day, including the newly launched Roborock G10 and S7 MaxV Ultra.

With up to 40% off, the newly launched Roborock G10 will go for as low as just RM 3,699 and S7 MaxV Ultra as low as RM5,099, which is bound to create some panic for Malaysians to quickly scramble their finances to take advantage of this socket-popping sale. The deals are available exclusively via the brand’s official store on Shopee.

Sale List

ModelRRP8.8 Sale
Roborock G10RM3,999RM3,699
Roborock Q7 Max+RM5,599RM2,699
Roborock Q7 MaxRM4,399RM1,899
Roborock S7 MaxV UltraRM11,399RM5,099
Roborock S7 MaxVRM6,799RM3,099
Roborock S7RM2,399RM2,099
Roborock S7+RM9,599RM3,899
Roborock DyadRM5,999RM1,899
Roborock Ultra DockRM2,399RM2,099
Roborock Onyx DockRM2,399RM2,099
Roborock S6 MaxVRM2,299RM1,999
Roborock S6 PureRM1,799RM1,599
Roborock H7RM1,699RM1,499

Launched last month, the Roborock G10 is a dual function robot vacuum, capable of sweeping and mopping on top of vacumming. With Intense Sonic Mopping, the Roborock G10 adopts a high-frequency vibration design of up to 3000 rpm motor which can effectively remove dirt on the ground. With the combination of floating mopping module and high-frequency vibration, even if the surface is rough and uneven, specks of dirt can effectively be removed.

Launched late February this year, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the company’s premium S-Series lineup. Compatibility with Empty Wash Fill Dock, the dock reduced manual maintenance for customers. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra powered by ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance System, a combination of an RGB camera, 3D structured light and an all-new neural processing unit, the S7 MaxV Ultra recognizes objects in its path more accurately and adapts quickly to clean around them, regardless of lighting conditions. In addition to that, the S7 MaxV Ultra features Roborock’s acclaimed VibraRise® technology, a combination of sonic mopping with an automatic mop lift designed to transition smoothly over contrasting surfaces, while delivering effective high-intensity scrubs to tackle surface dirt.

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