The Quickest Orientation Guide To Switching To Samsung Galaxy You’ll Ever See

Samsung’s globally recognised to be the gold standard for the Android experience outside of Google themselves and it shows. With the market shift from brand to brand being ever so volatile these days, it’s no surprise if people are changing to the Galaxy ecosystem. If you’re one of them, take a look at this quick guide so you may understand what you’re buying into and the benefits they bring.

Samsung Galaxy

Stay connected to other devices

Stay connected to your other devices for seamless living, such as the Galaxy Watch for fitness tracking, Galaxy Buds for the ultimate entertainment, as well as your laptop or tablet to multitask and be more productive. You can also connect with other IoT devices through the SmartThings app. Change channels on your smart TV, control volume on your speakers, turn on your smart lamps, turn off your washing machine, and so on using your Galaxy smartphone.

Powerful features and incredible innovations

Get the powerful features you need and the innovations you’d never expect. Long-life battery to last all day, dynamic AMOLED display for cinematic visuals, superfast speeds with Galaxy 5G, and IP68 certification for durability. Be amazed with the folding screen of your Galaxy Z Series, get smooth handwriting and incredible accuracy in the details with the S Pen, snap the most vivid photos and videos with the Nightography camera feature on the Galaxy S Series, and way more.

Samsung’s collaborations with Google and Microsoft brings you even more innovations, like smooth video calls with Google Meet, and Link to Windows for PC, among other epic features.

Customise and make it yours

With the latest One UI, you can optimise and customise your Galaxy device to your unique preferences – from personalising Modes & Routines to automate your smartphone settings, to expressing yourself through your device’s interface by customising its home screen, widgets, themes and more. You don’t fit in one box and your technology shouldn’t either.

Security and Privacy. Check

Samsung privacy technologies give you the protection and control you need. Knox protects your device from the inside out and in real-time, so confidential data always stays safe. Create a private, encrypted space to store your private data and apps. Get an at-a-glance view of the apps trying to access your information, then personalise your settings on the Privacy Dashboard.

Ready to switch?

Transfer your entire phone to your new Galaxy in a heartbeat with Smart Switch. Whether you’re switching from iOS or Android, keep your contacts, photos and music in the right order, and even device settings. Download the Smart Switch app and make the move, either through WiFi or mobile data, with a USB cable, using a PC, or from external storage.

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