Is The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Ideal For Teaching Classes And Drawing?

Imagining stories and putting together videos is a favourite pastime for Wong Ing Wei, also known as Ren Wei. When he’s not busy at work as a primary school teacher, Ren Wei loves to craft storyboards, and create videos and content on various topics. His go-to tool is his Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that lets him expand his creativity and boost his productivity.

An epic canvas needs an epic palette, and this is would be the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Using the Companion mode feature, the Clip Studio Paint app on the tablet can be connected to the Galaxy S22 Ultra so he can make the most out of the Galaxy ecosystem. The Galaxy S22 Ultra becomes his palette to select colours and brushes while his Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra serves as his digital canvas.

“Clip Studio Paint gives me a natural and smooth sketching experience, especially for planning storyboards. I can adjust the pen pressure and stabilization settings to draw smooth and natural lines. I can even gesture with the S Pen to gain quick access and switch between tools while sketching,”
Ren Wei

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has been a boon for Ren Wei for work and play, letting him experience both to the fullest. When inspiration strikes for his next video, he uses Samsung Notes to jot down ideas and insert photographs to develop a mood board.

For his class, he uses the Tab to set up online discussions with his student’s parents. The 120-degree Ultra-wide angle front camera lets his students’ parents refer to reports in the background and he can hear them clearly with the Quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos®. The Tab’s large screen also helps him with video editing.

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