Hisense Unveils New Strategy at ASEAN Customer Conference

Hisense held its ASEAN Customer Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, showcasing its new strategy focused on user-centricity and scenario-based innovation.

Nearly 400 representatives attended the event, where Hisense President Clara outlined plans for brand, organization, and digital upgrades. These upgrades aim to bring “home happiness” to consumers through user-centric product development, AI integration, and a focus on health and cleanliness in appliances.

Clara, President of Hisense Group’s ASEAN region, stated that in 2024, they will continue to prioritize user-centric approaches. Building upon the inheritance of the industrial layout, scenario-based services, and upgraded after-sales services in the ASEAN region, these factors will introduce brand upgrades, organizational upgrades, and digital upgrades. Thus, Hisense will initiate six major upgrade actions to bring a better sense of home happiness to consumers in the ASEAN region. As Hisense Group celebrates its 55th anniversary and sponsors the UEFA Euro 2024 this year, this conference brings many surprises to everyone.

Hisense highlighted its success in Southeast Asia, attributing it to a user-centric approach. The company also showcased its commitment to the region by establishing a local R&D center in Thailand.

The conference emphasized Hisense’s scenario-based approach, which aims to provide complete home appliance solutions rather than individual products. Upgraded experience centers will showcase these scenarios for ASEAN users.

Hisense also emphasized its sports marketing efforts, including its sponsorship of the UEFA Euro 2024 and its CSR initiatives in Southeast Asia.

Overall, the conference positioned Hisense as a company dedicated to improving user experience and integrating technology into everyday life.

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