Hisense CES 2024: Bigger, Brighter, and Better Screens for Your Home

Hisense Makes a Splash at CES 2024: Bigger, Brighter, and Better Screens for Your Home

Hisense brought their A-game to CES 2024, showcasing impressive new display technologies and smart innovations that aim to transform how we use screens in our daily lives.

Bigger and Brighter TVs:

  • 110UX: This monster TV boasts over 40,000 backlight zones, achieving 10,000 nits of brightness and covering 95% of the BT.2020 color palette. Talk about stunning visuals!
  • 75UX: The thinnest Hisense Mini-LED TV ever, measuring a mere 14 millimeters thick. Stylish and space-saving.

Laser TVs Take Center Stage:

  • Dynamic Zone Laser TV: Local dimming technology delivers extreme brightness and contrast, with dark scenes being 50% darker and bright scenes reaching a blazing 2,000 nits.
  • Ultra Slim Laser TV: The smallest 4K 88-inch laser TV in the industry, a marvel of engineering and design.

Innovation Beyond TVs:

  • Rollable Laser TV: A TV that disappears when not in use, offering ultimate flexibility and space-saving.
  • Smart Blending Technology: Projectors seamlessly blend into walls, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.

Hisense’s vision: It’s not just about building screens, it’s about crafting scenarios. They want to integrate display technology into our daily lives, making our homes smarter, more entertaining, and more connected.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hisense is pushing the boundaries of display technology with incredible brightness, contrast, and colors.
  • Laser TVs are getting smaller and more powerful, offering new possibilities for home entertainment.
  • Hisense is thinking beyond TVs with innovative solutions like rollable displays and smart blending technology.

David Gold emphasized Hisense’s commitment to crafting scenarios rather than just building screens. The goal is to integrate display technology seamlessly into everyday life, offering experiences that transcend the screen and become part of the user’s living story. Hisense envisions pushing the boundaries of display technology to provide consumers with immersive, scenario-based experiences in the future.

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