Galaxy S24 Ultra Full AI Feature Guide : Text And Calls

How To Use Each And Every AI Feature On Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t just a phone; it’s a pocket-sized powerhouse fueled by advanced AI. From seamless multitasking to photo editing, Galaxy AI wants to reinvent the mobile experience and how we use it every day. But with so many features packed in, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive tutorial, guiding you through the most exciting Galaxy AI features and showing you how to get started.

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Galaxy S24 Ultra AI Guide : Going Pro With Text And Photos

Circle Search


Open the Settings app on your S24 Ultra.

Scroll down and tap on “Advanced Features.”

Select “Circle Search” and enable the toggle.

Now, in any app, draw a circle around an object you want to know more about using your S Pen or finger.

A pop-up will appear with relevant information and links to learn more.

Is This Useful?

Of course it is, you can circle to search photos you immediately took in real time to have it searched for, on top of within screenshots and what you’re seeing on your screen in real time! Of course, if it’s a product, you’ll likely be suggested similar images from websites that sell them, but you can at least know the name to the product for you to search and learn more about it from there.

If anything, I wished some of the AI results would be educational, such as if I circled a precious stone, it would tell me more about that stone rather than where I can buy a similar precious stone! I guess when you’re the brand starting the trend, refinement will come after!

Live Translation

The Samsung Galaxy S24 comes equipped with a revolutionary feature called AI Live Translation and Interpreter, designed to break down language barriers and foster effortless communication. Whether you’re traveling abroad, conducting business across borders, or simply connecting with friends and family who speak different languages, this powerful tool is your pocket-sized interpreter.

Here’s what AI Live Translation and Interpreter can do:

  • Translate phone calls in real-time: Converse naturally with anyone on the phone, regardless of their language. The S24 seamlessly translates both sides of the conversation, displaying text and playing the translated audio.
  • Turn your Galaxy S24 Ultra into a two-way translator: Hold face-to-face conversations with ease. Speak in your language, and the S24 will translate and voice the message to the other person in their language, and vice versa.
  • Supports multiple languages: Launch with 13 languages at launch, with more planned for future updates.

Ready to experience the magic of AI-powered translation? Let’s dive into a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Setting Up Live Translation:

  • Open the Phone app and initiate a call.
  • During the call, tap the three dots menu button.
  • Select Call assist, then choose Live Translate.
  • Set your preferred language and the language spoken by the other person.
  • Choose the translated voice and adjust the speech rate if desired*

*Be sure to download the language packs BEFOREHAND

2. Translating Phone Calls:

  • Once enabled, Live Translate will transcribe and translate the conversation in real-time.
  • You’ll see the translated text on your screen and hear the translated audio through the phone’s speaker or your earphones.
  • Speak naturally, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra will translate your words for the other person, and vice versa.



You can use this method to set up and download additional language packs before using interpreter outside! Highly recommended as each language pack is a few hundred megabytes in size!

1. Where Do I Find It?:

  • Swipe down to see your notification bar, and swipe down one more time to see your shortcuts
  • Swipe right to see the second page
  • Tap on Interpreter
  • Tap on the Language on the Top Middle Right and Choose the language your partner is speaking in
  • Add Language if it’s not already available, a few hundred MB download will take place
  • Once that’s done, tap the microphone icon on your side and speak, the AI Interpreter will do the rest
  • Tap the Flip Button (Next to the information icon on the top right) to flip the Partner side to their direction for easier viewing and letting them tap their Microphone easier

Tips for AI Call Translation and Interpreter

  • Speak clearly and steadily, AI picks up pronounciations with a high level of sensitivity if you’re speaking too fast and in an environment that’s too noisy
  • As these features are heavily network dependent, ensure that you’re in a place with a clear and strong data connection
  • One more time, be sure to download your desired language packs BEFOREHAND to save time!

AI Text Translation

No more switching between apps or relying on clunky translation websites. Your S24 Ultra’s keyboard comes equipped with a powerful AI assistant, ready to translate your words on the fly.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Translate text as you type: Compose messages, emails, or documents in one language and see them instantly translated into another right on your keyboard.
  • Translate existing text: Highlight any text on your screen, be it a website, article, or social media post, and have it translated with a tap.
  • Access multiple languages: Choose from a wide range of supported languages to seamlessly communicate with anyone, anywhere.

Ready to unleash the power of AI translation? Let’s dive into a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Activating Text Translation:

  1. Open any app where you can type text, such as Messages, Email, or Social Media.
  2. Bring up the Samsung keyboard.
  3. Tap the Arrowed “A” icon that’s next to the Emoji Button on the top row of the keyboard above the number row.
  4. A new text box appears, tap the button on the left side next to the text box
  5. Choose the languages you want to translate between. You can have two active languages at a time.
  6. Write your text in your preferred language and it will translate to the destination language. The translated text will then be moved to the text box of your platform you’re on
  7. You can flip the incoming and outgoing languages using the flip button in the middle.

Enabling Text Translation

If for some reason AI Text Translation isn’t enabled on your Galaxy S24 Ultra, head to Settings > Advanced Features > Advanced Intelligence > Samsung Keyboard > Chat Translation > Enable (Set to ON). You can also download additional language packs from here as well!

Part 1 of 2. Check Out Part 2

Galaxy S24 Ultra AI Guide : Going Pro With Text And Photos

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