Galaxy S24 Ultra Full AI Feature Guide : Text and Generative Photos

How To Use Each And Every AI Feature On Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t just a phone; it’s a pocket-sized powerhouse fueled by advanced AI. From seamless multitasking to photo editing, Galaxy AI wants to reinvent the mobile experience and how we use it every day. But with so many features packed in, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive tutorial, guiding you through the most exciting Galaxy AI features and showing you how to get started.

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Photo Editing : Generative Edit

Generative Edit lets you edit your photos within Samsung’s Gallery app, using the photo editing suite. Want to effortlessly resize objects, erase unwanted distractions, and even extend backgrounds in your photos? The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Generative Edit feature will useAI to make it all happen, make sure you’re connected to WiFi or Mobile Data to use, since it is cloud dependent.

Let’s get rid of that bird

Step 1:

  1. Open the Gallery app on your Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  2. Select the photo you want to edit.
  3. Tap the Edit icon (pencil symbol) in the bottom right corner.
  4. Tap the Glowing 3 Stars icon to enter Generative Edit Mode

Step 2: What Can You Do?

  • Resize objects: Tap and drag the bounding box around an object to resize it without distortion. Drag it outwards to enlarge, inwards to shrink.
  • Erase unwanted elements: Simply tap and hold on an object you want to remove. Watch as Generative Edit seamlessly blends the surrounding pixels to fill the gap.
  • Reposition objects: Tap and drag the bounding box to move objects within the photo.
  • Expand backgrounds: Want more scenery? Tap the Canvas extension button at the bottom. Generative Edit intelligently extends the background while maintaining a natural look.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for the Watermark setting. You can choose to display a subtle indicator on your edited photos, letting others know they’ve been touched by Generative Edit magic.

Generative Fill and Crop

Ever took a shot that’s good but not great? cropping usually does the trick but eventually your image quality is affected since you might find yourself cropping closer and closer, so the next best thing? Generative fill! I wanted to straighten the building and of course that would crop close to it in the process, so instead of having the image be cropped closer and losing out on background and symmetry, Galaxy AI is able to use Generative Fill to fill up parks of the sky that I would lose from rotating and cropping, which is quite a useful feature. This may be a simple example to showcase the idea of it, but the application can be used across all types of photos, from lopsided group photos to imbalanced ultrawides.

Text Styling – Writing Style

With the Galaxy Keyboard, you’re able to alter your writing style using a variety of tones that would best fit your situation. As this is the digital age, we are very accustomed to typing shorter and shorter words, often times even resorting to abbrieviations to get our message across. However, when you’re in a professional setting, that level of commucative writing might not be an ideal fit, especially when you want to be taken seriously.


  • Open a text box on your preferred app that needs a text prompr (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc)
  • Write your text
  • Tap on the 3 Stars on the keyboard and select writing style
  • Galaxy AI will analyze your texts and will come up with a few writing styles
  • Writing Styles will range from Professional, Polite, Casual, #Social, Emojify

As You Can See, There Will Be Some Fun To Be Had

The AI is your helpful partner, not your dictator. You’re always in charge. Keep your original draft or accept the AI’s suggestions – it’s all up to you. Use the AI as a springboard for inspiration or let it polish your writing to perfection.


  • The AI’s suggestions are just that – suggestions. Feel free to adapt them to your own voice and style.
  • The more you use the AI, the better it understands your preferences. Over time, its suggestions will become increasingly tailored to your writing habits.

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