See You At COOLER MASTER’S CHRONOS SUMMIT 2022 In The Metaverse!

Last year’s Cooler Master Summit was held at Gather Town, and it was an amazing experience being able to see the brand’s latest and greatest in a funky pixel fashion. This year it seems that they want to kick it up a notch by hosting it in the Metaverse. That’s a first!

Join Chronos Summit 2022 to celebrate Cooler Master’s 30th Anniversary in the Metaverse!

Cooler Master is going to announce their Limited Edition 30th Anniversary gear this 16th February on their live keynote. As usual, it’s a great time and place to gather your buds, meet new ones and even as questions directly to Cooler Master staff! Oh, and just like last year, there’ll be easter eggs as well, and if you find them in the Metaverse, you’ll win some prizes 😉 .

What’s Going To Be Announced?

Here’s just a little tease. IT’S EVERYTHING! Prepare yourself for a new set of cases, components and gaming peripherals as we hear that Cooler Master is heading towards catering to a more premium crowd, and we definitely expect pricing to be seriously modest!

COSMOS C700M 30th Anniversaty Edition
Cooler Master V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary Edition
Cooler Master SH711 Wireless ANC 

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