ATO Launches 2nd Gaming Cafe Outlet; Sells Nintendo Switch Lite for RM 699

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the call for those who want to get the Switch experience at a lower price. You’re saving a couple of hundred ringgit to lose TV docking, replaceable joy-cons and some game functions. What you’ll be getting is complete portability so if you’re on the road, this is for you even more. 

ATO is an online store with a mighty tall ambition of becoming a one-stop gaming cafe where people go in as customers and leave as friends. Combining lifestyle, video games and light F&B, the commercially successful e-Commerce portal had set it’s sights on opening a second KL branch with a similar concept to compliment their existing branch at Southgate Commercial building near Chan Sow Lin. 

To commemorate the opening of their second store, ATO is selling a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite for an attractive RM 699  (Original price RM 949), along with other attractive opening promotions. 

All you have to do is : 

  1. Attend the 2nd Outlet Soft Launch on:

 Date: September 21 (Saturday) & 22 (Sunday)
🏠 Venue: No.3, 1st Floor SETAPAK 33 (Same block with Loudspeaker)

2. Line up for 100 lucky draw tickets in which up to 60 lucky people will get a chance to purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite for RM 699. 

3. Redemption is (30 Units each day, making it a grand total of 60 units of Nintendo Switch Lite to be sold for RM 699) 


Tee and See (T&C)

  1. Only ONE ticker per PERSON
  2. Colors of the Switch are at random when purchasing at RM 699
  3. You cannot buy and RESELL
  4. Strictly Cash & Carry
  5. Management may change T&C without giving notice beforehand. 

Great news for hardcore ATO supporters. If you are an existing VIP member of ATO you are entitled to purchasing a single Nintendo Switch Lite for RM 699 without having to walk-in and queuing up for the raffle. 



If you’re interested in more details or want to find out what are the other promotions, do follow their Facebook Page or Join their Facebook Group.

There’s the website too, in case you were looking for something. 

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