2.2 Plate materials

Plate materials. What materials are there? What’s the difference? That’s what this article explains

So the three most common types of materials for keyboard plates are aluminum, polycarbonate (PC) or plastic and brass. The major difference in each are how it affects the sound of a keyboard.

PC plates are known to produce a lower pitched “thock” sound, while brass plates produced a higher pitched “clack” sound. Aluminum plates offer a good middle ground between the two. Watch this video for a comparison.

Typing feel
This mostly applies to non-tray mount keyboards (click here to learn about mounting styles). Naturally, plates made with metals like aluminum and brass result in a stiffer typing experience while softer materials like PC, FR4 and POM result in a softer typing experience.

Extra note: if you use a white painted plate in a RGB build the lighting is much more obvious and pleasing, like the anne pro 2 here.

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