A Guide to the World of Mechanical Keyboards

Welcome to my guide to mechanical keyboards. The goal of this series of articles is to explain and/or teach people who already roughly know what a mechanical keyboard is and help them understand custom mechanical keyboards. As you read along there are plenty of pictures to guide you and videos too, because some topics are best explained through a video.

A bit of info on me
My name is Dominic Lee, and I was recruited to be a part of Zen The Geek to be the keyboard guy, but I do a little more than that around here. I’ve had my first mechanical keyboard in 2015 but I didn’t really get into customs until the end of 2020. Since then, I’ve built my own custom keyboard and started to offer building and lubing services to other people, and I’ve done quite a few commissions. I share my work to reddit which does score me a bit of recognition and I make build videos on my YouTube channel as well.

So the topics are divided into 3 difficulty levels like a video game, and I just want to share everything I know to anybody reading this because all this information was gathered through hours and hours of online video watching, reading and talking to keyboard enthusiasts who are far more knowledgeable and experienced than me.

If you want a custom keyboard community to mingle around or ask questions I highly recommend the Keebmunity Asia. The people in there are friendly and you have access to some local vendors as well as experienced build service providers.

Beginner Level

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1.1 Keyboard size guide
1.2 Switch types
1.3 Different tiers of keyboards (take this with a pinch of salt)

Intermediate Level

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2.1 The parts of a mechanical keyboard
2.2 Plate Material
2.3 Case Material
2.4 Keycap Guide
2.5 Switch and Stabilizer lubing
2.6 Deskmats and why are they a must have
2.7 Types of stabilizers (coming soon)

Advanced level

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There’s nothing here yet hahah

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