Time, To Kill Time : Hades II Now Available On Steam and Epic Games Early Access

We’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time. After more than three years in development, the first-ever sequel to Hades is now available in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store

What Is Hades II?

Hades II is a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which you’ll battle beyond the Underworld of Greek myth using dark sorcery to take on the sinister Titan of Time. It builds on the best aspects of the award-winning original in an all-new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in Greek myth and its deep connections to the dawn of witchcraft.

As the immortal Princess of the Underworld, you’ll explore a bigger, deeper mythic world, vanquishing the Titan’s forces with the full might of Olympus behind you, in a sweeping story that continually unfolds through your every setback and accomplishment. New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld again and again.

Game is still Early Access

Hades (and by extension Hades II) has always been the type of game that’s highly replayable due to its ‘die to progress’ format, and Early Access would simply make it into a state of constant update and progress, which already sounds like most games these days, launching ahead of schedule with gradual updates. As of now, the game is definitely not even in its v1.0 version yet, which will definitely take time, while the studio has mentioned that it will come out sometime this year, with its first major update rolling out later this year, some months after initial launch. It’s also planned that Hades II will be in Early Access stage till the end of 2024, in order for the studio to build out the remaining content on the roadmap.

Should I Get It Now?

It depends.

For many players, it’s a good idea to wait for the complete v1.0 before diving in, as Hades II will grow and improve during Early Access, and the true ending of the story won’t be available until then. But, if you like the idea of seeing the game evolve over time, and watching the story unfold more gradually, then Early Access is probably for you.

You may also want to hold out for the v1.0 launch depending on which platform you’d like to play on, as Early Access is only on Steam and the Epic Games Store. We expect Hades II to eventually be available for PC, Mac, and console platforms (though cannot confirm which platforms yet).

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