Let the Galaxy S22 Series Put You in The Director’s Seat

Creativity is the core of every film director’s passion. Just like any career, the aspiring path to succeeding here requires heavy dedication and research, but most importantly, access to the right tools to begin one’s pursuit in the first place. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series is one collection that recognizes this and serves to be a competent starting instrument for aspiring directors to take charge, with powerful 4nm processing, lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6E, and a host of camera features to explore!

Would This Answer The Conundrum of Wanting To Create Shortfilms and Photos With A Smartphone But You Need A Dedicated Camera?

For one, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series promises clearer videos and low-light visibility from its signature Nightography features, which includes algorithm-based scene optimisation via its 4nm AP chipset. It analyses every frame to correct detail and colours while simultaneously optimising colour contrast for bright and dark spots in the frame, creating perfectly stunning results for every scene.

Beyond the standard 10-bit HDR offer, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series offers 12-bit HDR at 30FPS through its wide-lens camera in Full-HD or Ultra-HD. The Galaxy S22 Series relies on Intra-scene Dual

Conversion Gain (iDCG) technology on its wide-lens to create visual magic that’s 64x more vivid in colour when compared to the results gained from 10-bit HDR.

The all-powerful Galaxy S22 Series then tops this package with a built-in Auto Framerate feature that adapts accordingly when filming on 15/24/30 or even 60 FPS in both Full-HD and Ultra-HD. As expected of its name, Auto Framerate adjusts the camera’s shutter speed based on the lighting conditions of the filming location, while scanning each pixel to correct them for better detail and luminosity in dark spots.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-s22-ultra/buy/

• Galaxy S22+/S22 5G: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-s22/buy/

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