Commandos Spectrum G2711CA : Awesome Value, Awesome Performance

Local PC and laptop brand Tech Armory had recently expanded their growing Commandos line of gaming equipment with gaming monitors, offering compelling specs with a highly competitive price tag. Today, we’re going over their star product, the 27-inch SPECTRUM G2711CA.


Model NameG2711CA
Size27-inches 1500R Curvature
PanelVA Panel
Refresh Rate165Hz Adaptive Sync
Dimensions612mm x 429mm
Color CoverageNTSC 72% / Near 100% sRGB 16.7million colors
Resolution1920×1080 Full HD
InputsHDMI 2.0 x 2, DP 1.4 x 1, 3.5mm audio out
VESACompatible, 100mm x 100mm
Retail PriceRM 699 base

The Looks

“A clean and straightforward design ideal for minimalist setups

The G2711CA is as simple as it gets. There’s almost no branding to be seen and the total outlook is extremely simple with the only flair being the back which are simple bars that light up. The bezels are very thin @ 2mm, perfect multi-monitor setups. There are no visible buttons in the front too, as everything is controlled via the scrollable wheel button setup at the back. That keeps things simple and easy to access.

In the front you’ll get to see the monitor being curved. It’s not everyone’s must have, but it’s there. 1500R curvature has always been a personal ideal amount of curviness for a gaming monitor. Some will also appreciate the amount of space you’ll save in the front as the monitor feet are thin and do not stretch too far out. The monitor’s lightweight too, superbly easy for most to carry with just one hand.

Setting Up: No IKEA manuals needed

In the package you’ll see everything straightforward and setting it up was relatively simple. I got a little common screwdriver on standby and there are a total of 5 screws to put everything together.

The longest screw attaches the legs and the stand together, which then you’ll use the remaining 4 screws to mount onto the monitor itself and you’re done. The fact that I could say it in one sentence shows just how easy is it to get this monitor up and ready. The stand that comes with the base package can only tilt front and back, which is quite limiting but with a price tag like that it’s easily forgivable. Tech Armory does let you buy a height adjustable arm for an additional RM 60, so there’s some immediate flexibility for anyone that doesn’t wanna look too far for such accessories.

Scroll Wheel Button for easy navigation

What’s it like to use

The G2711CA delivers everything that’s promised on its spec sheet. You’ll get your 165Hz of refresh rate with great colors to boot. The color range is promising in its class, with nearly full sRGB coverage. It uses a VA panel, the in-betweener of TN and IPS. For such an affordable monitor, it managed to even deliver in terms of colors.

If you intend to make settings without tabbing out, just use the scroll wheel behind to make immediate configurations to your brightness, contrast, etc. There’s Super Resolution too but that’s something I personally don’t use very often.

There’s a 3.5mm audio out for you to plug your headphones/speakers in. The monitor doesn’t have speakers of their own, and if you asked me, I’d say it’s a smart move to keep costs down and save all of us the headache, as monitor speakers tend to be of poor quality anyway.

The G2711CA features a software-based crosshair too, and all I can say here is it works. I’ve tried it on Modern Warfare Hardcore mode and it appeared as it should be. You can change the color of the crosshair too, and I just leave it on Yellow as it’s bright and easy to see.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a tight, below RM 1000 budget, the G2711CA is a good monitor to recommend. It’s simple, straight to the point and delivers. Colors were good too, especially in its class, where most companies would skimp by choosing poorer panels with limited color ranges.

My only issue was the base stand being not very flexible , but since Tech Armory also gives you the option to add the height-adjustable stand for an extra RM 60, then just add it on because you’ll NEED it. The curvature is adequate and the build quality is on the lighter side. It’s ideal to bring out for a LAN party but be very careful with it, as I feel that one little accident could break it easily.

For its RM 699 price tag, it’s a good buy. I even encourage getting more than one in the long run as the bezels were pleasantly thin enough to make multi-monitor setups look great.

If you’re interested in copping one right now, click on this link.

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