Samsung’s ‘Over The Horizon’ Gets A Catchy Makeover ; Spewing Positivity and Optimism Everywhere!

Apart from the conventional launch of the S23 Series, a certain DJ Yaeji rebuilt Samsung’s iconic “Over The Horizon” ringtone, by adding a more optimistic and synthesized twist to it.

One of the most exciting electronic artists in the modern music scene, DJ Yaeji reworked the recognizable tune using a fusion of electronic elements. This playful version evokes the universal feelings of hope and joy, inviting us to imagine and be optimistic about what’s on the other side of the horizon. Check out the video below to experience “Over the Horizon” 2023, incorporating both stop-motion art and digital graphics.

It’s pretty uplifting and refreshing to such an ageless theme, and sadly it’s not included with our Galaxy S23. We would really love to see this as an included ringtone in the future though!

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