nubia Z60 Ultra Unofficially Arrives In Malaysia ; What You Need To Know

The nubia Z60 Ultra series unofficially arrives in Malaysia, with its Open Sale set for December 25th, 2023.

“Innovation in smartphones that leads to transformative experiences primarily revolves around two elements: the screen and photography. We have dedicated ourselves to five generations of under-display technology, striving to deliver the most pristine and ultimate full-screen experience.”

Engineered for the explorer, the gadget is equipped with IP68-rated dust and water resistance, assuring its longevity. Furthermore, the phone is powered by the revolutionary Snapdragon 8 Gen3 CPU, a powerful 6000mAh silicon carbon negative electrode super battery, and the elegant and efficient MyOS 14 operating system, making it a complete and adaptable solution for increased picture processing.

Why Is It Unofficial? Isn’t It On Lazada?

Well, it’s because these aren’t Malaysian units, because they’re imported GLOBAL units that isn’t registered under SIRIM and therefore will not be honored for warranty under ZTE Malaysia and their appointed service provider, Highpoint. How you can find out (and we also found out), is to simply check on SIRIM.

ZTE products, including nubia Red Magic have registered and authorized distributors in Malaysia, namely Zitron (for ZTE) and MMG Distribution (for Red Magic). These e-commerce units are not fulfilled by neither parties so take it at your own risk.

It Is Also Not Promoted ZTE Device Social Media

As a flagship, hero product, it’s funny that we didn’t see a single ad or post about it right? You can take a look here : After a quick inquiry, ZTE Malaysia has not even disclosed any intention to bring the Z60 Ultra into Malaysia in the first place, so these are definitely Global Units.

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