MSI Pledges 3-Year Warranty For OLED Monitors For Burn-In

Recognizing the growing preference for stunning OLED visuals, MSI introduces a suite of solutions that effectively address the ever-present concern of OLED burn-in, delivering peace of mind and enhanced longevity for gamers.

Conquering the Burn-in Dragon: Introducing MSI OLED CARE 2.0

With OLED panels reigning supreme in the high-end gaming arena, the potential for burn-in has remained a significant roadblock for many users. MSI steps up to the challenge with the powerful MSI OLED CARE 2.0 technology. This cutting-edge software safeguards your OLED panel by implementing proactive measures, extending its lifespan and ensuring vibrant visuals for years to come.

Unmatched Confidence: 3-Year Warranty with Burn-in Protection

Elevating user trust and solidifying its commitment to quality, MSI announces a groundbreaking 3-year warranty on its OLED panels. This industry-leading warranty goes beyond standard coverage, extending protection to the dreaded burn-in issue. This unprecedented pledge showcases MSI’s dedication to empowering gamers with confidence and worry-free enjoyment of their displays.

Commitment to Innovation and User Satisfaction

These advancements underscore MSI’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming solutions that prioritize user satisfaction. As technology evolves, MSI remains at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of performance and experience for gamers worldwide.

Ready to Experience the Future of Gaming?

With its cutting-edge OLED solutions and comprehensive warranty protection, MSI invites you to experience the future of gaming with unmatched confidence and visual fidelity. Discover MSI’s latest OLED monitors and embark on an immersive journey where stunning visuals and worry-free performance reign supreme.

3-Year Warranty for OLED Model List








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For more information, please refer to the Warranty Information page:

For more details to learn about MSI OLED Care 2.0: Multi-Logo Detection、Taskbar Detection、Boundary Detection

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