MSI Computex 2024 Component Roundup : CAMM2 Motherboards, Hybrid GPU and More!

MSI showcased a wide range of new products at COMPUTEX 2024, offering a wide variety of next generation hardware that’s bound to catch some huge technical attention. From powerful power supplies to rotatable LCD screened AIO’s, it’s all eyes on the dragon brand to be the next market leader in high end PC hardware and components.


In collaboration with Kingston, MSI introduced the Z790 PROJECT ZERO+ motherboard featuring the innovative CAMM2 memory solution for faster performance.

While the original PROJECT ZERO aimed for a clean aesthetic by hiding cables behind the motherboard, it also meant potentially bulkier builds. For those seeking a balance of size and clean looks, MSI has a solution.

Introducing the MSI Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS, unveiled at Computex 2024! This motherboard embraces the innovative CAMM2 memory standard. CAMM2 modules are thinner and lie flat against the motherboard, allowing for a more compact form factor without sacrificing aesthetics.

Beyond Cleanliness: Performance Gains

CAMM2 doesn’t just improve looks. It also offers a more direct connection to the CPU, potentially unlocking faster memory speeds, lower latencies, and enhanced system stability. This translates to a potential performance boost for your PC.

The Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS: The Future of Clean & Compact Builds

With CAMM2 memory support and its refined design, the Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS empowers you to create a powerful PC that’s both visually stunning and surprisingly compact.

Liquid Cooling:

MPG CORELIQUID P SERIES : This highly compatible AIO cooler features UNI brackets for both Intel and AMD processors. Enjoy an easy cable setup, a gorgeous 4.3″ IPS LCD panel customizable with videos or hardware info, and a 270-degree rotatable enclosure for perfect viewing angles.

MEG Ai1600T PCIE5: This 80 PLUS Titanium certified PSU boasts ARGB lighting and is built for demanding AI workloads. With dual native 16-pin PCIe connectors, interleaved PFC for stable power, top-tier SiC MOSFETs, and a bridgeless design, it delivers incredible performance and efficiency.

MEG MAESTRO 700L PZ Case: This sleek case stuns with a massive, elegant 270-degree tempered glass side panel. It also supports back-connecting your motherboard for a clean, clutter-free front view.

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