Louis Vuitton Horizon; an exotic RM 12,600 RGB speaker

In case you are bougie and a gamer, LV has a portable wireless speaker that lights up with RGB for you, at the low, low price of RM 12,600. It ‘s called the Horizon Light Up Speaker and still in stock if you want to snag one for yourself.

It’s made from some seriously premium materials, such as gunmetal PVD coated polished stainless steel and monogram embossed leather all around. It’s definitely a eye catcher with the stunning textures and design.
Tech wise it it can pair with the Louis Vuitton Connect app on iOS, Android and Huawei App Gallery, capable of Apple AirPlay ® 2, Multiroom through Airplay 2® and Qplay compatibility through Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi.

It’s got a 3-inch woofer with two 0.75″ tweeters for omnidirectional audio when placed on its dock or unidirectional when placed on its rubber feet, with auto orientation detection. The battery lasts for up to 15 hours of play time and 1.5 hours to fully charge with USB Type C (thank god).

With those specs it probably sounds good and all the actual rich people probably stopped reading this by now.


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