[How-to] Create a Nintendo eShop Account on your Switch (Malaysia)

If you’ve just joined the Nintendo family and want to find out how to set up an account for the eShop, welcome aboard! and if you were a Switch owner the entire time and still haven’t done it, where have you been!? The eShop is a place for you to buy digital games, watch videos and download demos for you to try before you buy. So here’s a simple tutorial on how to get an account set up. 

  1. Connect to WiFi, then select eShop from the Home Screen

2. Select your User Profile and the Link a Nintendo Account when asked to sign-in

3. Create a New Account (Or sign in if you have one already), then Send account-creation instructions via email

4. Enter your email address, then check your email for Nintendo’s email (you need to use your PC/Smartphone to check)

5. Clink on the link and then ‘Add an account for myself’

6. Enter all the information, then click submit 


7. You’ll see a five-digit code that you need to enter on your Nintendo Switch

8. After entering the confirmation code you’re just about done! Just scroll down and follow the other straightforward instructions. 

Thanks for reading everyone! We hope this tutorial has made it easier for you to set up an eShop account if you’re in Malaysia. Tune in next time when we cover Adding Funds and Buying Digital Games from the eShop

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