HONOR Unveils World’s Thinnest Foldable Phone, the Magic V2

HONOR kicked off 2024 with the grand launch of the Magic V2, the world’s thinnest and lightest inward foldable phone. Following its successful China debut, the Magic V2 arrives in Malaysia amidst much anticipation.

The phone boasts an ultra-slim 9.9mm folded profile and a remarkable 4.7mm unfolded thickness, equivalent to three stacked credit cards. Weighing just 231g, it’s surprisingly light for its size.

HONOR prioritized portability and durability through innovative materials and engineering. A superlight titanium hinge, aerospace-grade for optimal strength-to-weight ratio, ensures long-lasting performance.

The Magic V2 hinge also uses HONOR Shield Steel, inspired by tunnel boring applications, for exceptional thinness and resilience. Mortise and tenon molding further reduces internal space and thickness.

These advancements translate to over 400,000 folds, making the Magic V2 highly reliable for up to ten years.

HONOR refined the internal structure, reducing hinge thickness by 75% and inner screen creases by 47% compared to its predecessor. A new damping structure ensures smooth opening and closing, allowing the phone to hover freely at various angles for hands-free video calls and photography.

Despite its slimness, the Magic V2 packs a powerful 5000mAh battery and an ultra-thin vapor chamber cooling system for optimal performance. It also features the industry’s thinnest antenna at just 3mm.

The HONOR Magic V2 marks a significant leap in foldable phone technology, offering unparalleled portability, functionality, and a sleek design. It’s sure to capture the interest of tech enthusiasts seeking the latest advancements.

The HONOR Magic V2 will first appear exclusively on: https://bit.ly/HONORMagicV2PR

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