Hisense And Xbox Partnership : Laser Display And Seamless Connectivity

“Hisense aims to provide not only superior products but an entire experience that’s designed specifically for gaming and home entertainment,” “Our partnership with the Designed for Xbox Program seeks to truly level up the gaming experience and allow people all over the world to enjoy a larger-than-life experience with more than 100-inch of image display.”
Jerry Liu, Vice President of Hisense International

Hisense announces a new partnership with Xbox that aims to elevate the home gaming and entertainment experience with its cutting-edge Laser display technology.

As the pioneer in Laser display technology, Hisense is bringing the future of display into reality. The partnership with Hisense Laser display products and Xbox will bring the gaming community an unparalleled experience by introducing a more than 100-inch screen that consumers can enjoy at home for an eye-friendly, true-to-life color and immersive gaming environment.

Consumers will be able to seamlessly connect their Xbox to Hisense Laser display products and indulge in a buttery-smooth gaming experience that will redefine gaming sessions, where every moment is larger-than-life and every detail is brought to life with exceptional clarity and precision. Hisense’s game mode technology for Laser display products provides a smooth and immersive gaming experience thanks to the high refresh rate and Auto Low Latency Mode. The company will continue to bring excellent viewing experiences and sustainable displays to consumers with the goal of transforming home entertainment and creating memorable experiences.

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