360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 wins the Red Dot 2021 awards and launches in Malaysia 16th July 2021

The Red Dot Award 2021 winner 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 has just landed in Malaysia and promises to bring a great spectacular user experience.

It’s got a triple LiDAR sensor setup to get a precise 360 degree scan of your room and can even avoid obstacles that are as slim as 0.4 inches, so object avoidance on this new model just got even better. It even has a water tank that is said to be double the size of other robot vacuums which helps it cover surface up to 2153ft² on one go. All this while the sensors are hidden in a ultra slim body with the usual smartphone app control.

The 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 is launching on 16th June 2021, available at their official Shopee store (click here to visit)

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