Synology Unveiled Cutting-Edge Data Protection, Storage, and Surveillance Solutions at 2024 Exhibition

Synology is showcasing its latest advancements in data security, management, and surveillance at the ongoing Synology Solution Exhibition 2024. The event highlights three brand new product lines designed to empower businesses in today’s data-driven world.


“As the digital landscape evolves rapidly, the ability to harness data effectively is crucial for success,” said Philip Wong, Synology Founder and Chairman. “Synology remains committed to continuous innovation, providing our users with the tools they need to stay ahead.”

Streamlined Data Protection with ActiveProtect Appliances

Synology introduces the ActiveProtect series, a line of data protection appliances designed for simple deployment and management. Organizations can set up, configure, and activate comprehensive protection plans against ransomware and other threats in under 10 minutes.

ActiveProtect offers a unified interface for managing backups across complex multi-server and multi-site deployments. With features like global immutability, data retention, and protection policies, it ensures robust data security. Additionally, a revamped backup engine, source-side global deduplication, and a global immutability architecture promise best-in-class performance and minimal management overhead.

Unprecedented Scalability with GS Series

The GS series represents Synology’s foray into highly scalable data storage and management. These clusters, supporting up to 96 nodes, cater to file and object storage needs. Offering a staggering 20 petabytes of raw storage capacity and handling up to 150,000 concurrent connections for Synology Drive and Office, the GS series is built to address growing demands for storage and productivity.

Furthermore, a new scalable operating system prioritizes non-disruptive operations and data integrity, simplifying management for large organizations and businesses.

Secure Cloud Surveillance with C2 Surveillance Station

Expanding its surveillance ecosystem, Synology unveils C2 Surveillance Station and a lineup of corresponding C2 cameras, enabling secure cloud video surveillance deployments. C2 cameras offer quick and easy installation, ideal for challenging environments where local recording servers are impractical.

Comprehensive privacy and security are paramount with C2 Surveillance Station and C2 cameras. Multi-layer encryption, applied from camera to viewer, guarantees video access only to authorized users with the appropriate decryption key. Edge AI technology on the cameras ensures fast and localized processing of people, vehicle, and intrusion detection.

Synology plans to launch the standalone C2 Surveillance Station solution later this year. The existing C2 Backup for Surveillance, previously known as C2 Hybrid Cloud, will retain its name for better clarity.

Additional Event Highlights

Beyond the new product launches, Synology showcased significant updates to existing solutions. These include the Synology AI Console for centralized management of Office Suite GenAI integration and Synology Tiering, which optimizes hot and cold data storage in large deployments.

The exhibition also featured new additions to Synology’s on-premise Surveillance Station, including the FC600 fisheye camera, the BC800Z variable zoom camera, and expanded support for Axis door controllers, Vivotek LPR cameras, and Plate Recognizer.

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