Experience Samsung’s #iChanged with a better smartphone

Samsung has been hard at work with their Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series, providing consistent updates, support and content for the flagship devices. 

Through a series of videos and guides revolving the #iChanged moniker, Samsung aims to show fans that their devices are capable to meeting all their needs, be it performance , security, user experience, and camera usage. 

The campaign was initially for the Galaxy S10 series when it was launched, but continued on to be for the Galaxy Note 10 series due to its usefulness to the general public. 

As for the Note 10 campaign, #iChanged talks about 10 common scenarios that end users land themselves in every day, and how Galaxy devices have tools like the S-Pen, Video Editor, DeX and Samsung Knox to tackle them, all done with a proven All-Day Battery. 


“During the process of designing our products, Samsung consistently keeps its consumers in mind so that
the best 360-experience is ensured – be it in the form of an all-day battery, S Pen, award-winning
camera, expandable storage, or defense-grade security platform. Moreover, Samsung’s products are
endorsed by Google as well; and this partnership is something we value greatly and would use to provide
better experiences for our users moving forward. The time to switch is now, and we hope that consumers
will take the leap to own the next level of innovation,”

Yoonsoo Kim

President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

If you’re interested in finding out how the Galaxy Note 10 series can help change and improve your life, hope on to their site here and you can get things started. 

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